Huddersfield’s ‘Articulate Autistic Actor’, who advertised herself at Emmerdale Studios, gets a dream role

A Huddersfield actress has landed an exciting new film role after her face was featured on a billboard just yards from the Emmerdale set as part of a huge advertising campaign.

Mariama Bojang’s family spent hundreds of pounds on a 48-sheet static billboard promoting the 27-year-old’s brand.

The billboard appeared on Kirkstall Road near the Emmerdale set in October and featured a picture of Mariama, her contact details, social media handles, and the message, “Throw it now!”.

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The family also paid for advertising in Salford’s Media City UK, where Coronation Street is being filmed.

The billboard on Kirkstall Road, Leeds, a few meters from the set of Emmerdale.  removed
The billboard on Kirkstall Road, Leeds, a few meters from the set of Emmerdale. removed

Since launching her personalized billboards, Mariama, who is on the autism spectrum, says she has been contacted by a number of high profile casting directors who have offered to meet her or invite her to audition.

Now Huddersfield’s “Articulate Autistic Actor” has made a major breakthrough in their quest to become a household name.

Mariama from Lindley has secured a role in a feature film set that will be released in 2022.

“I’m playing the role of Molly in an upcoming feature film called ‘The Subordinate’ – so keep your eyes open,” she said.

But before Mariama appears in front of the camera, she jets to Italy, where she takes part in a “professional theater tour”.

The 27-year-old will spend two weeks in the country in December and appear in two productions at schools.

She said: “I am delighted with this result and believe that it is thanks to my poster campaign.

“These will be my first two professional theater productions as an adult and the mere thought that I put a smile on the faces of young children fills me with joy.

“This is a combination of my two greatest passions: acting and traveling.”

Mariama previously told Yorkshire Live: “I don’t aspire to be a celebrity, I’m not in it for fame or even money; I have a passion for this craft and it comes from the heart. ”

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