How to transfer Google Authenticator to another phone

Google Authenticator (Android | iOS) is one of the top uses for two-factor password authentication. After linking accounts from social networks and other services, the app generates a random six-digit code that is used to validate your registration and increase the security of your access data.

When you’ve switched devices and saved accounts in Google Authenticator, you can export this information between devices. The process has to be carried out with both mobile phones in hand: First a QR code has to be generated with the old device, then this code is scanned with the new smartphone and the information is retrieved. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to transfer Google Authenticator accounts between cellphones!

Google Authenticator: How to Transfer Accounts to Another Phone

from the old device

Step 1: Open Google Authenticator on your old phone and tap the three dot icon in the top right corner of the screen.

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Open the application with the saved accounts (Image: André Magalhães / screenshot)

Step 2: Then select the “Export Accounts” option.

Start the export process (Image: André Magalhães / screenshot)

Step 3: On the next screen, tap Next. If more than one account is linked to the authenticator, you can manually select which one should be exported.

Proceed with generating the QR code (Image: André Magalhães / screenshot)

Step 4: The app generates a QR code. To complete the process, it must be scanned by the other device.

Receive the QR code to export accounts (Image: André Magalhães / screenshot)

through the new device

Step 1: Open Google Authenticator and tap on the “Import existing accounts?” Option.

The import option is on the main screen of the app (Image: André Magalhães / screenshot)

Step 2: With the old device configured, tap on “Scan QR code”.

Read the QR code (Image: André Magalhães / screenshot)

Step 3: Use your phone camera to scan the QR code displayed on your old phone.

Read the QR code to import accounts (Image: André Magalhães / Screencapture)

Step 4: Finally, after the process, you can choose to keep the information on the old device or remove it.

Authenticator can remove access to the old device (Image: André Magalhães / Screencapture)

If you follow these steps, you can access the authenticator information from another device.

Source: Google account help

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