How to see the bachelor without a cable

Since The bachelor (and The Bachelorette, Of course) hit the big screen in 2002, the reality TV series has become America’s favorite nasty treat to watch on Monday nights. In fact, the show’s viral fan base has even resulted in tons of spin-offs, including the Bachelor in paradise and Bachelorette party to please fans who just can’t get enough.

Now, The bachelor 2022 (season 26) is finally here, premiering on ABC on January 3rd. With so many of us cut the cord, of course, fans of the scandalous show are wondering how to watch it The bachelor without cable. Fortunately, we have the answers on how to watch the show online for free, or at least for a very cheap price.

We’re not here to serve as spoilers, but let’s just say, if you missed the two-hour episode one of hot season 26, you’ll definitely want to catch up on it as soon as possible before the episode with Clayton Echard hits next Monday . Here’s exactly how to watch The bachelor Online in 2022 without wires, with affordable streaming services like Sling TV (from $ 35 to $ 60 per month) and FuboTV (costing $ 64.99 per month) and Hulu (which is only $ 5.99 per month) and Hulu (which is only $ 5.99 per month) Month for their ad-supported plan and $ 11.99 for their ad -free plan). Hulu has to wait for the next day to see it, so this may not be the best choice for fearful fans.

Watch ‘The Bachelor’ season 26 on Sling TV

Watch ‘The Bachelor’ Season 26 on FuboTV

Watch ‘The Bachelor’ season 26 on Hulu. on

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