How to Recover Deleted Photos from Cell Phone

Accidentally deleted a photo from your phone and now need to restore it? There are some processes that can help with your problem, but it is important to note that after 30 days it gets more complicated and in some cases only with professional help.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Cell Phone

Access the standard app on your mobile device and search for the trash can.

In both systems there is a place where the photos are kept for a certain period of time (Image: Rodrigo Folter / Screencapture)

Once you find it, just access the application and find the photos that you want to recover. Click to open it, then get it by clicking the icon in the lower corner.

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Retrieve the selected photos directly in mobile apps (Image: Rodrigo Folter / Screencapture)

Via apps

Are there ways to recover after 30 days? The answer is yes and no. There are some Android apps like DigDeep Image Recovery (Android) that allow it. For iOS, however, the process is complicated depending on the professional.

Access DigDeep Recovery and you will see some folders. If you enter one, you can see the photos that you can recover.

Access the folders to view the photos the application was able to recover (Image: Rodrigo Torture / Screencapture)

Select the pictures you want to restore and click “Recover”.

Recover the images you want via the application (Image: Rodrigo Folter / Screencapture)

In this way, the first most reliable, it is possible to recover deleted photos from cell phone.

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