How to connect Cable TV to Xbox One

At the time the Xbox One was launched in 2013, most TV models only had an HDMI input and some cable providers were already using the connection model due to HD channels.

In order to offer a shared experience, Microsoft has integrated an HDMI input in its console in addition to the output for connecting the console to the television. With the option you can connect the TV point to the Xbox One and switch between games and programming.

To help players who are always on, whether they are watching shows or movies, Kanaltech prepared a guide on how to connect cable TV on Xbox One to the same TV.

Connect cable TV to Xbox One

Step 1: You will need at least two HDMI cables, one to connect the TV point to the Xbox and the other to connect the console to the TV.

(Image: Guilherme Sommadossi)

Step 2: Connect the cable from the Pay TV connection to the “HDMI IN – FROM SAT / CABLE” socket to the left of the USB sockets.

(Image: Guilherme Sommadossi)

Step 3: On the Xbox home screen, after signing in to your preferred account, find and access One Guide.

In this console, in which the option has never been accessed, the One Guide was in the “Recommended Apps” tab (Image: Screenshot / Guilherme Sommadossi)

Step 4: When you open the Let’s Watch TV screen, wait for the message, “A signal from the cable or satellite box was detected” appears. Wait the suggested 12 seconds and click “Next”, even if the image is not displayed on the TV icon.

(Image: Screenshot / Guilherme Sommadossi)

Step 5: If it prompts for the voice command option and you don’t have a Kinect, choose the Ignore option.

If you have Xbox One Kinect, click Next and follow the settings (Image: Screenshot / Guilherme Sommadossi)

Step 6: In the option for selecting the initial configuration, select the option “go to beginning on boot” and then click “Next”.

(Image: Screenshot / Guilherme Sommadossi)

Step 7: That’s it, the cable TV is already plugged in and can be followed right on the console (you need to use your operator’s remote control to navigate between channels). To switch between menus or open games, just press the Xbox button at the top, just like any other open app.

(Image: Screenshot / Guilherme Sommadossi)

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