Honor: The United States Is Preparing For The Persecution!

Huawei was in bad shape due to American persecution. It was a big ax that started blocking Google services and quickly spread to hardware. Because of this, Honor was sold and dissolved by Huawei. It is now an independent company and already has access to all American technologies. However, not everyone believes this. In fact, this sale was just a legal strategy for several US Senators. Hence, they claim that there is a chance that Honor will continue to work with the Chinese authorities. So they teamed up and asked Joe Biden to blacklist this company. After the soap opera Estados Unidos vs Huawei, it seems it’s Honor’s turn to get into Season 2.

Honor: The United States Is Preparing For The Persecution!

This could cause a lot of problems for the fast-growing company after it split from Huawei. In my opinion, it was honestly a matter of time before this happened. The rapid growth has again caught the attention of the United States. However, an urgent letter has already been sent to alert the Presidents of America to this case.

Honor United States

They claim that with the split between Huawei and Honor, the latter began gaining access to all American technologies and circumventing the sanctions imposed on Huawei. For all of these reasons, they view honor as a threat to national security and, as such, something needs to be done.

It is currently unclear what the Biden administration will do. However, Honor has a major threat on the horizon. In fact, both Honor and every Chinese company at the moment. In fact, it is likely that sooner or later, with the growth that Xiaomi has, Xiaomi will also be one of the targets.

For a long time it was thought that Xiaomi would be out of there because it actually doesn’t sell 5G transmitters. Something that happened to Huawei. However, Honor isn’t selling them either and could come under fire soon.

Now that the Honor 50 is out on the global market, let’s see if that surprise doesn’t mess things up.

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