Hitman 3 – Year 2: All Content, Trilogy and Freelancer Mode

The “Murder World” in hit man 3 begins its second year on January 20th. IO Interactive presented the new content for the next 12 months in a broadcast. He also announced a new compilation of the trilogy so as not to miss a single part of Agent 47. Also a new game mode, which should expand the gameplay in the third part hit man.

Elusive Target Arcade

This new modality picks up on the goals for a limited time but takes the concept to another level. The formula of eliminating specific characters remains, but the new challenge is to complete several in a row, one mission at a time. To access the next one you must have finished the previous one and the difficulty will increase.

If a target is missed, it’s not permanent like in the previous time mode, but a 12-hour ban will be generated before trying again. This new solution allows for high gameplay standards without being so punitive.

Hitman 3 year 2

The elusive targets arcade offers permanent contracts for hit man 3, so you don’t lose them if you couldn’t play them for some reason. These will attract new players, provide a new challenge for veterans, and create some sort of recurring content. Of course, they’re not exempt from base game rewards and unlockables.

The arcade starts on January 20th in hit man 3 with three contracts, each with elusive goals specific to the World of Murder trilogy.

Hitman VR on PC

Virtual Reality takes on the World of Murder trilogy on PC. If owned Hitman and Hitman 2 transferred to hit man 3, you can play them all in VR. The controls have been configured to be as intuitive as possible for a natural experience. You can throw objects with both hands, aiming with the left and releasing with the right. The game is currently recognizing styles or “ninja type”.

The freedom of movement in VR mode is also reflected in combat and in the action. VR mode from hit man Coming to PC on January 20th.


year 2 of hit man 3 offers a new way to implement technical improvements such as “ray tracing” on the PC. With better reflections and shadows, all of the locations in the trilogy look better than ever. Dubai is a good example of levels that will benefit due to the amount of reflective surfaces as well as the rain zone chongqing

In addition to ray tracing on the PC, the partnership with Intel means that IO Interactive is one of the first development studios in the world to implement XeSS technology. It uses machine learning to deliver more power with exceptional image quality.

In addition, the studio will implement VRS (Variable Rate Shading) technology on PC to increase performance on PC. By applying shading at different frequencies to different parts of an image, and placing more power where it makes the greatest impact. These improvements come later.

Hitman 3 year 2

What platforms can I play on? Hitman Trilogy?

As the modern trilogy concludes, Hitman Trilogy is a new way to delve into the “world of assassination” and catch up with Agent 47. This collection offers Hitman, Hitman 2 Y hit man 3 in the same package.

Hitman Trilogy Available January 20th digitally on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Epic Games Store, Steam and Xbox Game Pass. hit man 3 arrives on Steam for Year 2 only and with the above news like PC VR, Ray Tracing, XeSS and VRS – in the near future.

IOI plans to add achievements to Steam and trading cards, as well as the “Trinity Pack” (pre-order bonus from hit man 3) free for all editions of hit man 3 during the first 30 days.

hit man 3: Freelancer

Freelancer is a new single player mode exclusive to hit man 3, which introduces elements of “roguelike”, strategic planning and customization of a safe house or hideout. This playable space is completely different from any other type of location, a first for IOI.

Hitman 3 year 2

In this mode you can choose what kind of Agent 47 you want to be, complete contracts, unlock new areas of the hideout and customize it as much as possible. You can invest in it for as long as you like and it behaves like that hub, with locations for training, suit testing and mission preparation.

It’s your free choice to choose the criminal targets of the Murder World in new contracts spread across all of the trilogy’s locations. Once a mission is completed, return to the hideout before moving on to the next until you corner the criminal enterprise leader. This final mission requires unmasking the hidden villain and eliminating him in order to collect the payment.

Campaign missions are redesigned in “Freelancer” mode with new types of NPCs (non-playable characters) that help or hinder the progression of contracts. You can also buy arsenal and inventory, which are also lost in case of mission failure and need to be bought again. You will be able to find safes, hidden valuables and even other assassins as NPCs.

Consumables such as explosives or lethal injections must also be purchased since it is no longer ICA that sponsors our esteemed hitman. ‘Freelancer’ will be available for hit man 3 – Year 2 in the second quarter of the year.

Hitman 3 year 2

Also a new card titled Rocky is added to the base game. It will be fully revealed later in Year 2 of hit man 3.

Source: IOI

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