Hila in view of the criticism of the traffic restriction in the center of Palma: “It is unstoppable”

PalmaPalma Mayor José Hila said Thursday that measures to limit traffic in the center and encourage pedestrians were “unstoppable”. He reacted so violently to the criticism of the Recuperem Palma platform, which has put up posters in the city against the environmental zone that the Cort Mobility division wants to introduce and which will force non-resident drivers to leave the car in the subway Parking spaces instead of the ORA

Hila recalled that two-thirds of the center of Palma is ACIRE, where only residents can drive, and believes that pedestrian zones “work very well commercially”. A statement that collides head-on with the critical platform that rejects any traffic restrictions. However, the mayor said that “there is always a reluctance” to change, but that “everyone agrees”.

The socialist has repeated that the environmental zone will not be an ACIRE, because every driver can drive on, although only residents can park on the streets. The rest have to do this in the underground car parks, which Hila says are “practically” the same price as the ORA. He also said the seven underground car parks inside will be enough. The mayor also reminded that the Spanish climate law requires the establishment of environmental zones and that “Palma is not left out,” he said.

It is worth remembering that the creation of the LEZ goes hand in hand with the expansion of the ORA zone to the neighborhoods currently bordering the city such as Camp Redó, Buenos Aires, El Fortí, Santa Catalina and Pere Garau, among others.

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