Heads up! Be careful with these streaming apps!

Everyone who uses streaming applications needs to be very aware of this. According to Apple developer Kosta Eleftheriou, there are several fake apps that use trailers to lure victims into buying codes or premium subscriptions. In fact, despite all the protective measures and strict rules in the App Store, these dangerous streaming apps have made around $ 6 million a year!

Heads up! Be careful with these streaming apps!

There are three classes of apps in the stores, either Google or Apple.

Streaming apps

The first are the ones that are useful but end up collecting a lot of personal information. In fact, Facebook is even collecting accelerometer information that can help this social network and advertisers understand what we are doing. Then there are those with major security gaps that endanger the integrity of our smartphone. Millions of such applications are downloaded every day. Then there are those who are just trying to get our money!

What are these supposed streaming apps doing?

In practice, they try to deceive us. For example, they say they give you access to a hot movie, like the latest Spider-Man. However, it’s really just the trailer. The point is, they then tell us that we have to pay to have access to the whole movie. And believe me, a lot of people who want to see him pay. The point is, they don’t get anything back afterwards.

However, at this point, Apple informed Forbes, which first looked at the issue, that these apps are no longer available on the Play Store.

In any case, we have to be very careful. Although some disappear, there are others who quickly manage to enter. That said, being suspicious is always the best rule to avoid surprises.

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