Hawkeye (analysis of episodes 1 and 2)

We can already find episodes 1 and 2 of Hawk Eye on Disney +. Both are filled with the Christmas cheer, action, and pranks that serve to welcome Kate Bishop to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Hawkeye is possibly one of the least noticeable members of the Avengers. Many jokes have been made about the price of being “the guy with a bow and arrow” among gods, super soldiers and technological geniuses. However, some scenes in the films managed to take advantage of this to highlight his humanity. That, along with the inner drama she has to go through after losing her best friend, gives this series a lot of potential.

Let’s see if the beginning of the series makes good use of these elements.

Below you can find ‘spoilers’ for episodes 1 and 2 of Hawk Eye: ‘Never meet Heroes ”and“ Hidden Places ”.

For better or worse, every new Marvel production inevitably becomes a hunt for references and “Easter eggs”. We cannot deny that there is a certain grace to feeling familiar with elements that we see or are suggested to us. In this series we not only find direct references to the films – especially the first ones avenger 2012 – but many direct references to the David Aja and Matt Fraction comic book saga on which it is based.

But before…

Let’s talk about ronin

In the five years that half the population went missing (2018-2023), Clint Barton put the Hawkeye name aside and assumed the identity of Ronin, a violent vigilante who did not hesitate to end the lives of his enemies.

Hawkeye Series Episode Analysis Episode 1 2 Disney +

on Avengers: Endgamewhose review can be found here– Ronin’s presence felt more like a nod to the comics. In the new series, Ronin’s suit reappears, causing the enemies Clint made during this period of his life to emerge in search of revenge. It looks like a simple McGuffin, but it has thematic relevance. Clint wants a normal life next to his family, but he can’t have that unless he comes to terms with his “sins” as a ronin. This is what the comeback of the suit stands for.

Superheroes and “Normies”

Another topic that we see in very interesting ways in Episodes 1 and 2 of Hawkeye is the way “normal” people see superheroes. First we have to Rogers, the musical about Captain America. This is a pretty funny (and intentionally “twitching”) way of talking about mythizing characters from this world in the same way Hamilton did it in the real world. The inclusion of Ant-Man can be seen as an indication of the way adaptations add things to original works or events, sometimes to the desperation of the most devoted fans.

Hawkeye Series Episode Analysis Episode 1 2 Disney +

But the series seems to go beyond that and wants to talk about how heroes inspire each other in everyday life. This is abundantly evident in the case of Kate Bishop, who took up archery, martial arts, and gymnastics after seeing Clint in action during the Battle of New York. But it’s also in the details: the admiration Clint gets on the streets and the interest in illegally auctioning superhero items.

The strangest example, however, is Live RPG (LARP). It may seem like a simple joke (more ‘twitching’), but the fact that many of the participants in this joke are firefighters and police officers – who would ordinarily be viewed as “heroes” – shows that people have to go on the fantasy adventures that the the Day for Avengers Day.

This topic could end up playing a key role in Clint and Kate’s relationship.

A somewhat forced start

We’re not talking about the eventful first meeting between Clint and Kate, we’re talking about the series itself. While the topics mentioned above are interesting and add some personality to the New York Christmas vibe, the first two episodes are from Hawk Eye they are nothing special.

Hawkeye Series Episode Analysis Episode 1 2 Disney +

While Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld are excellent actors, we still don’t feel a great chemistry between them. Many scenes take longer than necessary, the cut is awkward at times, and despite the time Kate has spent in her past, she still feels like a stranger with a semi-defined personality.

We hope these items improve as the chapters progress. Above all, the chemistry between the two leads, because that’s the heart of the story.

Still, there are some great things about the series. The action is a lot of fun and it fits in with the fact that we are watching a young woman who, despite her skills, is not (yet) a superhero. The humor is still pretty good and the little secrets it creates keep it interesting. Considering that Yelena Belova did not even show up, as promised in the end Black widow‘It can only get better.

References and Easter eggs in episodes 1 and 2 of Hawk Eye

These are some of the winking eyes and elements from the comics and other films that we found in the first two episodes. If you found another one, please mention it in the comments.

The sweatshirt mafia … I mean the “sports outfit”

We assume that the word “sweatshirt” is not used the same way in the rest of Latin America. Yes, this goofy group of villains came from Hawkeye’s comics, including his tendency to abuse the term “brother”.

One of the mafia members of the sports team who takes off his mask after leaving the auction is referred to as Kazi in the credits. He could be Kazimierz Kazimierczak, aka Clown, one of Hawkeye’s worst enemies.

But why sweatshirts? They parody the stereotype about Russian criminals used in Western fiction in these costumes. We make films for it like. responsible Behind enemy lines and games like Call of Duty 4.

Who is the leader of the mafia of the sports team that appears at the end of Episode 2 of? Hawk Eye?

At the end of episode 2 of Hawkeye, we get our first look at Maya Lopez, better known as Echo. In the comics, this deaf indigenous woman is the kingpin’s adoptive daughter and begins her career as a villain, but eventually becomes the hero and heir to the ronin cloak.

On the series, she is played by Alaqua Cox and it has been confirmed that she will be the protagonist of the Echo series on Disney +.

Sword master

Given your penchant for swords, you won’t be surprised that Jack Duquesne is a villain known as the Swordmaster. However, there is one big change here. In the comics – where his name is Jacques Duquesne – he’s Hawkeye’s teacher.

If actor Tony Dalton sounds familiar, it’s because he plays Lalo Salamanca in Better call Saul.

other references

  • The art style of the introduction is based on the cover of Hawk Eye, illustrated by David Aja himself.
  • The song from the musical ‘Rogers’: “I could do this all day” is a phrase that the character repeats several times in the films.
  • “Thanos was right” could be a reference to the meme of the same name or the popular “Magneto was right” or the more recent “Killmonger was right”.
  • The one-eyed, pizza-loving dog is Clint’s mascot in the comics. His name is Lucky.
  • What is the watch the mob is looking for? We don’t know yet, but we’re pretty sure it’s Stark technology.
  • “Grills”, the firefighter who wore the ronin suit in the live role-playing game, is the name of a neighbor of Clint in the comics.

Stay tuned for GamerFocus as we intend to analyze all of the Hawkeye chapters the same way we did with WandaVision, Loki and Falcon and the winter soldier.

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