Have Gladys Berejiklian and boyfriend Arthur Moses planned suitable outfits? Kyle and Jackie O are rocking

When former NSW Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian and her boyfriend Arthur Moses went shopping one afternoon, they may not have expected that the news would still be out two days later.

But the photos from her Sunday outing after The posh area of ​​Potts Point in Sydney has taken on a life of its own as people ponder whether or not their matching outfits were planned.

In black Chelsea leather boots with blue jeans and matching jackets, the couple looked like two peas in a pod as they strolled through the shops.

The debate was started by a caller from the Kyle and Jackie-O show on KIIS FM who asked the presenters: “What do you think of Gladys and Arthur wearing matching outfits?”

Former NSW Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian and her boyfriend Arthur Moses strolled through Potts Point in Sydney in matching outfits on Sunday – which sparked a debate over coordinating equipment planning

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A fascinated Jackie O asked the caller: “Are they clothes for couples, like coordinated clothes?”

Her co-host Kyle Sandilands added, “That sounds cute.”

But Jackie is unsure of the importance of the move.

“Is it just a coincidence, one-time, or do you do it all the time?” She asked.

The answer to this is that it wasn’t the first time the couple wore matching clothes.

They also did so on October 30th when they were pictured in very similar training attire.

Blue is the color for former NSW Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian (left picture) and boyfriend Arthur Moses (right picture) when they went shopping in Sydney on Sunday

Kyle then jumped in with a memory from his childhood and said, ‘My mother wore an’ I’m stupid ‘shirt and my dad wore one that said’ I’m stupid ‘.’

Meanwhile, Jackie O freshened up with the story and photos by checking out the Daily Mail Australia website.

‘I think that’s a mistake [rather than planned]”They both wear navies,” she said.

The radio hosts agree that it is a coincidence.

But then Kyle immediately goes back and says, ‘I love this.’ Let’s get dressed and go out right away. ”

Now that his interest in the story was aroused, he announced, “I will contact Gladys and see how she is doing”.

Kyle Sandilands (left picture) and Jackie O (right) discussed former NSW Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian and her boyfriend Arthur Moses in matching outfits – pictures are shown exclusively on Daily Mail Australia

On Sunday, Ms. Berejiklian, 51, appeared to be leaving recent troubles behind when she and Mr. Moses, a senior counsel barrister, stepped out in their remarkably similar attire.

With blue tops, blue jeans and black boots, they were a picture of his and her happiness as they visited book and clothes stores in the inner-city suburbs.

The couple were outed as a subject in an Instagram post in June by Ms. Berejiklian’s younger sister, Mary.

The entry was headlined: “After work, Friday feels like with these two. Happy and boo. ‘

Mr. Moses is the lawyer who represented Ms. Berejiklian at a corruption hearing against her former boyfriend, Daryl Maguire, last year.

Gladys Berejiklian (center) with Arthur Moses (left) and wife Berejiklian’s sister Mary (right)

She resigned as Prime Minister of NSW on October 1 when she announced that she, too, was being investigated by the Independent Commission against Corruption.

The investigation lasted 11 days in October, during which Ms. Berejiklian was faced with questions for an exhausting day and a half.

She denied any wrongdoing and was often upset during the exam, during which she was repeatedly scolded by the commissioners, for giving more context than the question required.

But on Sunday Ms. Berejiklian looked like she had all of this in mind as she walked around with the man who was her rock during the ICAC investigation.

The outing came just two days after heading to Double Bay in Sydney’s affluent eastern suburbs on Friday afternoon to let her hair fall after a few turbulent weeks.

She wore a green dress, a black blazer and a shoulder bag and rounded off the look with red lipstick and a fresh blow dryer before heading out for a girls’ night out that night.

After finalizing her evidence with ICAC in early November, the woman who led NSW through the Covid pandemic told reporters that she intended to get on with her life.

“Every decision I have made regarding my public office has been in the best interests of the community and the public,” she said.

‘Now I plan to get on with my life.’

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