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Harry Donald Carson, born November 26, 1953, is a retired American football player who rose to fame for 13 seasons with the New York Giants in the National Football League (NFL), helping them win their first Super Bowl in 1986 .

What is Carson’s net worth? According to authoritative sources, it is slated to reach $ 10 million in mid-2017, largely derived from his years in professional American football, which began in 1976.


Harry Carson is worth $ 10 million


Carson was born in Florence, South Carolina and started playing American football while high school. He began playing at Wilson High School and later at McClenaghan High School, from which he matriculated.

Carson could continue to play college football from 1972 to 1975 at South Carolina University; he played four years in a row and never missed a single game. His commitment to football led him in 1975 as the first team selection in the AFCA college division All America team. In 2002 he was also inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

After college, Carson was selected in the 1976 fourth round of the NFL Draft by the New York Giants. He spent all of his professional football years with the team, a total of 13 seasons, 10 of which he served as captain. Playing for the team as the inside linebacker, he became known as part of the famous Crunch Bunch, known as one of the best defensive combos in NFL history – Carson formed the famous defense along with Brian Kelly, Brad Van Pelt and Lawrence Taylor . Carson also made nine Pro Bowl appearances during his career.

Probably one of the highlights of Carson’s entire NFL career was helping the Giants win Super Bowl XXI in 1986, the first for the team. In 1988 he finally decided to retire from the NFL game as his career had grown his fortune tremendously.

Carson was then able to report on his experiences from the NFL in books. He has authored two books – Point of Attack: The Defense Strikes Back and Captain for Life. Selling his books has also helped grow his fortune.

Carson also devoted some of his time to the radio, appearing on CNN’s “NFL Preview,” ABC-TV’s “Good Morning America,” and “ABC Sports College Football.” He also founded Harry Carson Inc., a sports consultancy and advertising company, through which he provides comments on sports-related issues and also has motivational and inspiring conversations. He also works with the Fritz Pollard Alliance, a group that represents minorities in the NFL, from players to coaches, coordinators and other staff.

Carson is privately married to Maribel and they have three children together.

Carson is also a noted philanthropist helping organizations like The United Way, Boy Scouts of America, The Literary Council of New Jersey, MANetc, Inc., and Habitat for Humanity, to name a few. He is also known for advocating concussions in sports to help former athletes who have suffered traumatic injuries after years of professional gaming.

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