Halo Infinite has been criticized for passing the Fracture: Tenrai event

The players of Halo infinite they were very excited the fracture: Tenrai event, which was supposed to present a free Battle Pass where they could get the colorful Yoroi armor. But at the beginning of the event, the anticipation quickly turned into disappointment.

While the game was received quite positively, there is one element that has received a lot of criticism: its advancement. This was carried over to the new event. Players say advancing while passing is a slow and arduous process that doesn’t respect your time.

The main problem is that the points needed to level up in the Fracture: Tenrai Pass of Halo infinite They can only be obtained through 42 challenges spread over seven weeks. To get the Yoroi armor you will need to complete at least 30 of them. The time required for this is too high.

To make matters worse, most of the rewards on the pass are not cosmetic in nature, such as experience. For many, this doesn’t feel like a fair reward for the work they need to do.

Halo Infinite is heavily criticized for the Fracture: Tenrai Event Battle Pass

The purpose of Battle Passes, in general, is to keep players in the game by promising items that will only be available for a limited time. Players of this title believe that this idea was abused in this case, which turned the game into a real job.

343 Industries is aware of the criticism. Through a trill, community manager Brian Jarrad said the changes are coming, but it will take time as the team has a well-deserved week of farewell.

The first phase of the Fracture event: Tenrai and his Battle Pass with the Yoroi armor will be active Halo infinite until Monday, November 29th You will be back on January 4th, 2022.

Via: polygon
Source: Brian Jarrad’s Twitter account

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