GTA Trilogy: Rockstar’s Worst Release Ever?

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy launched yesterday, and indeed, while it’s a small HD remaster of three games spanning nearly two decades, the release even had some player buy-ins … That, of course, until everything went wrong went . .

In the end, yesterday’s release is most likely Rockstar’s worst ever and will undeniably go down in the history books of the video game world. Because in addition to all the problems related to the performance of the three-pack on a wide variety of platforms, the launcher for PC from Rockstar Games has been offline for almost 24 hours. In fact, the PC version of GTA: The Trilogy appears to have been withdrawn from the market.

GTA Trilogy: Rockstar’s Worst Release Ever?

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So GTA Trilogy arrived on November 11th, yesterday. But a few hours after its release, Rockstar decided to bring its PC game launcher online for maintenance, according to Rockstar. In other words, whoever bought the game for PC at launch couldn’t play it.

Of course, it wasn’t easy maintenance as the game was apparently pulled from the studio’s own online store. Do you know why? Because apparently GTA Trilogy for PC has a lot of music from the original games that can no longer be used. And apparently there is a lot of commented code in the installation files from the developers.

It’s amazing how things went so wrong, isn’t it?

Besides, what do you think of all of this? How can a company the size of Take Two do this in 2021? Especially when Rockstar Games is already publicly crucified for taking advantage of old IPs? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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