GTA Trilogy hasn’t arrived yet, but you can see how it is

Interested in GTA Trilogy and its graphical improvements? Well, if you don’t know yet whether to buy the ‘Project’ or not, you can already see what at least one of the games is worth on YouTube. Because we already have a video with the gameplay that shows all the improvements in all their glory in GTA III Remaster.

GTA Trilogy hasn’t arrived yet, but you can see how it is

GTA trilogy.

About 30 minutes of the GTA III game The Definitive Edition have just appeared on YouTube. What is clear is that it shows a lot of the improvements we’ll see in GTA III, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas. After all, the game engine is exactly the same in all three games.

So if you are still in doubt as to whether these games are worth buying or not, in these 30 minutes you will definitely understand what we are in this “package” for consoles of the last generation, the new generation, etc. of course the PC.

Personally, I think we have some interesting improvements. But I’m still not convinced whether it’s worth spending between 50 and 60 euros to play these classics again. Ah … And don’t forget, these games will be released for smartphones and tablets sometime in 2022 too.

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