Graphics cards: Is the end of the crisis in sight in 2022? Possibly!

It gets better! Of course, it is still a little optimistic to talk about an end to the crisis, but there are some indicators on the market that point to a significant improvement in inventories and a resulting fall in prices in the coming months.

Graphics cards: Is the end of the crisis in sight in 2022? Possibly!


Therefore, things will not improve immediately, but there are even positive indicators of a very significant change with an increase in production that can improve inventory by 10%. And of course, perhaps more importantly, demand on the mining side will also fall, and well. (Ethereum 2.0)

The basis for this statement is DigiTimes, which in turn points to an improvement in the production and delivery of boards from the largest manufacturers on the market (ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte and ASRock) in late 2021 and with real expectations for an increase of 10% in 2022 .

Of course, COVID continues, especially now with the OMICRON variant, but thanks to the low lethality of the new variant and of course some getting used to restrictions, things are no longer as serious as in 2020 or 2021. The crisis cannot and will not last forever.

Besides these improvements on the production side, we mustn’t forget that we’re going to be born with another great company … After all, Intel is about to launch its first line of graphics cards.

We are talking about a completely new range and completely new production lines for the production of these graphics cards. Of course, this will also have a strong impact on the number of cards available worldwide.

And what do you think of all of this? Still interested in the current generation of graphics cards? Or are you already looking at what’s coming next? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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