Google Play Store: something has disappeared! Did you find out

The reason is not yet known. The fact is, however, that Google is removing information from the public that could be important. This company recently hid the number of dislikes related to YouTube videos. A measure that was received very critically by content creators and users. Now something is still hidden, but this time in the Google Store. So what disappeared from the Google Play Store was the section that shows when an app was last updated. This can be an important detail when buying a game or app. Finally, it’s important to know if something that was released in 2019, for example, has recurring updates or has been abandoned.

Google Play Store: something has disappeared! Did you find out

There are many users who have already noticed this change and in fact reports are piling up on Reddit as you can see here. For the time being, this only happens in the Android application, as everything stays the same in the web version, as reported by the AndroidPolice website.

Google Play Store gone

This can easily be checked in the section about the app.

If you’ve already been caught by this change, you won’t be able to see when an app has been updated. If so by design, it can make life difficult for those who are addicted to some apps and even games. As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest problems is not knowing whether or not something is being actively developed.

It’s true that many apps will continue to work for years even if you upgrade to Android 12. However, at some point, things may stop working and we don’t know if it’s an incompatibility or bug that was introduced last year, or simply the lack of updates over the years.

In fact, it is not clear why some changes were made. What is important, however, is that they happen.

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