Google Photos is already highlighting the best of 2021! Already found?

The time of year has come to seize Christmas and remind us of the best of 2021. It was not yet the year we wanted, but above all the desire to become much better and weaker in 2022 remains pandemic. So that we don’t miss any more important moments, Google Photos is already highlighting the best of 2021.

Google Photos is already highlighting the best of 2021! Already found?

In contrast to other albums, however, this one relies on a random number of images uploaded in the last 12 months. However, for some, the choice is not the best. The 9to5Google editor, who has already received the news, says the photos chosen as “Best of the Year” will certainly not be the ones he would vote for. You can see the photos below and find out if you agree.

Google Photos Best 2021

Anyway, it’s true, it’s a feature that Google makes available to us, and at some point we may be luckier and the images will be better selected.

This isn’t the only new addition to Google Photos, however.

Many photo apps on Android devices have the option of locking certain photos using a PIN or fingerprint. However, it took Google a long time to implement this new feature. Anyway, he added it to Pixel earlier this year, but it was exclusive to Pixel smartphones. Now this great news from Google Photos is reaching a lot more users and that is undoubtedly good news.

We can already have protected photos!

In fact, the AndroidPolice website says this feature is already present on several Android devices. In fact, it has been seen on some Samsung, Oppo, and OnePlus smartphones. To see if you already have this new feature, just click the Photo Library tab and then choose the Utilities option.

The function called Locked Folder or in English Locked Folder protects all sensitive photos that you do not want to share with a password.

Google Photos Best 2021

Videos and photos transferred to this special folder are only available by fingerprint or PIN. But watch out for one question. Everything that is protected is only available locally. In other words, it doesn’t go to the cloud. So if you lose your smartphone and don’t back up the locked folder, you will even lose that content, whether it’s photos or videos.

However, it would make sense that unlike other photos and folders, these were also saved online. Operation would be easy. They were still protected. To access it over the web, we would have to enter a password or use some other authentication system.

Google Photos Best 2021

I remember this novelty reaching Pixel smartphones in June of this year. But the Google camera has also been updated to save photos and videos in this folder at the push of a button. It remains to be seen whether proprietary camera apps from other manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei or others can also save images directly in this folder. It’s something that seems unlikely at this point.

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