Google Meet also got new immersive backgrounds and styles!

Google Meet offers several ways to customize backgrounds when we’re in a meeting or a simple conversation. That means we have access to a range of virtual backgrounds. In addition, we can upload our own backgrounds, including videos.

Google Meet also got new immersive backgrounds and styles!

Now, Google has announced that new immersive backgrounds and styles are on the way for the web version of Google Meet. They’re really different from the previous ones because they have subtle animation and other lighting effects and more. In addition, some meteorological aspects are even integrated to make everything even more interesting.

Google Meet wallpapers

This message will be received in the coming weeks, but only for the web version. However, Android and iOS are left out.

Google relies heavily on its communication platform. That said, this new thing came after Google Meet increased the group call participant limit.

The other addition to Google Meet is live translation to help overcome language barriers. This is undoubtedly a very useful feature and it already supports English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and German.

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