Google Maps: Start planning 2022 right now!

Organization and planning are undoubtedly prerequisites for a successful New Year. Now that we are in 2022 there is a feature that is on Google Maps that you really should use to plan all of the trips you will be going on this year. Whether for vacation, sightseeing or work, it really pays to make the most of your travels.

Google Maps: Start planning 2022 right now!

If you are at the computer, you need to go to this link.

Google Maps 2022

Then click Create New Card.

In the new window you need to give the card a name by clicking on Unnamed Card. Then you will see that you have several options roughly in the middle and below the search box.

Google Maps 2022

One of them is placing the famous pins to identify locations. So click there to add the pin to a specific zone. Then enter a description. When you’re done, click Save. This “plane”, which corresponds to one of the points, is displayed on the left side of the screen.

There is a very easy way to customize the pin you place. Change the color, add tags, whatever you think makes sense for easy identification. You can also use icons to indicate what type of place it is.

Add driving directions on custom maps

Another interesting feature, however, is the ability to add driving directions.

It has the icon with traffic arrows that you need to click to see that option. Then simply indicate point A (origin) and point B (destination). Note that you can enter multiple directions. B. Restelo to Ericeira. Then Ericeira to the Praia Bar.

Google Maps 2022

However, it is also possible to customize anything and everything else.

Adding Different Types of Routes to Custom Maps

Another interesting aspect is that it is possible to add different types of routes. In other words, add a car, pedestrian, or bicycle lane.

When the map is ready, you’ll need to split it. So click on the three dots that appear in front of the card name. You can then copy the map, open it, move it to the trash, and even embed it on your website. As you can see, it is fantastic to use at events.

Google Maps 2022

It’s exactly the same on the smartphone though and if you have an Android device search for my maps app in the Play Store. Then just download and install.

When you open the app, you will be given a small guide on how to use this application.

However, if we want to edit this map, for example, we can add new points and edit the layers as well.

When all is done, it remains for us to share.

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