Google accuses Apple of “delaying” consumers in the SMS world

As you may know, in its ecosystem, highlighted by many as one of the great advantages of using the iPhone, Apple has an unrivaled conversation platform in the form of the iMessage.

In fact, this is one of the main reasons many users come to iOS and never leave. It’s also something that has never had a real rival in the Android world, despite the many attempts by Google and the team in charge of the Android operating system.

So it is extremely interesting to see one of the leaders of the same development team come out and comment on the world of text messaging. This while pointing the finger at Apple. Apparently Apple is “delaying” its consumers.

Google accuses Apple of “delaying” consumers in the SMS world

Google accused

That is why Hiroshi Lockheimer, one of the main people responsible for the further development of the Android operating system, went public last Saturday and said: “Apple is using the pressure and bullying of the community to sell products.” Do you know why? All of this was thanks to a report in the Wall Street Journal, which in turn revealed that some teenagers view iMessage as a status symbol.

In short, can you imagine a group of teenagers making fun of a child for having a Galaxy S21 Ultra in their pocket instead of an iPhone?

It is precisely because of this situation that Lockheimer is now a little more aggressive and shows a finger in public. “We don’t want Apple to open iMessage for Android. But we want them to start supporting the industry standard (RCS) in iMessage, just as they already support SMS and MMS. “

“Otherwise, this is evidence that Apple is deliberately trying to make the user experience worse. Not only for Android users, but also for the participants in its ecosystem. “

And what do you think of all of this? Do you agree with what Google said? Does Apple have to be forced to support the conversational standard? Or is it very good to keep this “advantage” on your side? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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