Goodbye Samsung and iPhone! Here is North Korea’s smartphone

Smartphones are everywhere. Even in North Korea, where beloved leader Kim Jong-Un has seen the launch of some unique gear. However, there is one very interesting thing! They may be the safest in the world and we’ve already explained why. In addition, they bring several games and do not spy on anyone. Then let’s look at North Korea’s smartphone.

Goodbye Samsung and iPhone! Here is North Korea’s smartphone

There are no iPhones or Samsung smartphones in North Korea. In this country there are proprietary smartphones. Interestingly, they are referred to as touch phones.

Smartphone Korea

The first domestic model is called the Arirang 171 and was praised by Kim Jong-Un for its pixels and advanced technology.

According to a Danish software developer who got his hands on one of the devices in 2018, the Arirang comes with Bluetooth, 3G connectivity, a camera and a MicroSD slot.

However, it has neither internet nor WLAN, but there are several games to compensate.

Smartphone Korea

Back then there were five different versions of the classic game Angry Birds as well as Super Mario and Plants VS Zombies.

However, there is another interesting aspect. Although it is a generic Android smartphone, it has special software installed. Not much can be done about the connectivity though.

It is possible to connect to a computer via Bluetooth but not share information.

However, if a third-party SIM card is inserted, the smartphone switches itself off.

But there is a freebie that comes with the smartphone. A 500MB promotional video, which takes up about 25% of the available capacity. That is, it is 2 GB.

Smartphone Korea

Since the introduction of these devices, others have arrived with better features. Face recognition, better cameras, and even augmented reality capabilities. However, instead of a notch, they have a hole in the screen. They also have an encrypted messaging system, but they are not. It’s just a code lock that gives a lack of a sense of security. One thing is correct. The messages you exchange can be seen by others linked to North Korean officials.

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