Gmail: watch out for this new threat! Check your box now!

There is a new danger to users! This is a new threat that mainly comes in to many Gmail addresses, although it could affect anyone. Basically, we’re told that we’ve made a purchase (which we obviously didn’t) like a ticket to a concert that’s going to be happening in the next few days and the only way to solve the problem is to call a number. With this call, we can end up revealing our personal data and are in a bad light.

When we call, they are trying to pull data from our bank account, allegedly to verify the purchase details and to return the money. Of course, it’s not common to ask for information like the credit card security code. However, there are several people who end up giving.

Gmail new threat

Really believe that there are many people who unfortunately fall for this. Security company Proofpoint reveals that this scam targets tens of thousands of people every day.

But the numbers are even more terrifying. 60 million people have already lost money to these call center programs.

But there is another scam similar to this new threat to Gmail, and not just one that claims many victims.

These are emails that appear to be from big companies like Amazon or PayPal claiming that a big purchase was made on behalf of the victim.

Gmail new threat

The email message is so well done that it has all the necessary links and uses all official fonts and logos. The text also appears without errors.

Perhaps now you are imagining that the next step is a link that will take us to a website where we need to make a payment in order to solve the problem. But that would be the normal method. What actually happens is something completely different. A message will appear stating if you have not made this purchase, please contact us. It happens that contacting us establishes a telephone connection.

Gmail new threat

The person on the other end responding while posing as a PayPal or Amazon support rep is really nothing like that. In fact, it is someone who is going to try to get so much data out of you. When I talk about the maximum amount of data I mean usernames, passwords and bank accounts. And note that this is not difficult to do.

The victim believes their data has been used and has to pay a huge bill. So it will do whatever it takes to change the situation by providing everything it has on hand. In addition, the operator can even ask the victim to install fake software to scan the computer for threats and prove that it is unrelated to the purchase.

Gmail new threat

This new attack is called Vishing and it claims many victims. In fact, this has already prompted Kaspersky experts to issue a warning.

The secret of this scheme’s success is the phone number.

We must be very well prepared for this type of attack. It works very well at the moment, especially since it involves a phone call. In many cases a fixed number is used to instill even more trust.

To put people off, the bills to be paid are usually large. Someone is using our account to pay for an Apple Watch or gaming laptop. It’s just that the higher it is, the more willing we are to pay to resolve the situation.

What should I do to avoid falling into these schemes?

There are easy ways to verify that the emails you are receiving are real or not.

The first thing you need to do is verify your account. If there are no suspicious transactions, there is no need to worry.

Also, don’t call anyone. It’s strange that they give a contact number and that’s the only way to resolve the situation.

You can also log into the account of the service concerned and check that transactions are displayed there.

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