Gmail on Android: Warning, enabling it could save your life!

If you’re a Gmail user, or indeed any other email service, you’ve probably had some fears in the past. You may have sent an email to the boss full of errors, or with a less than appropriate message that was meant for a friend. Everything can happen. However, there is a feature that puts an end to our Gmail troubles on Android and can even save our life or at least our job or relationship.

Attention Gmail on Android: Activating it could save your life!

Launch Gmail on your Android smartphone. However, the guide is similar on iPhone, so you can apply it on Apple smartphone as well.

Then click on the hamburger menu in the top left corner.

Gmail on Android Life

Then select the settings option.

Gmail on Android Life

Then click General Settings.

Then swipe to action confirmations. Then select the Confirm before sending option.

Gmail on Android Life

Once this option is enabled, a confirmation box will always appear before sending an email. The same can be done before deleting an email or archiving it.

This can be a real lifesaver. These accidents are very common and have already resulted in people losing their jobs and even ending relationships.

However, this is not the only way to avoid problems.

It’s happened to all of us that we send a message and then regret it. That’s because we said something we didn’t mean to or because the next second we realized something was wrong. Fortunately, there is a way to solve all these problems. However, it requires tweaking in Gmail.

Gmail’s default setting for this is five seconds. In other words, there is very little time to act. However, it is possible to slightly increase this time. So there is a way to extend this time.

So open your Gmail account here.

Gmail on Android Life

Then go to the gear and click on the option Show all settings.

Then, on the General tab, look for the Undo Send option. The default is five seconds. However, it’s much safer if you increase it to 30 seconds.

Gmail on Android Life

Actually it’s a very simple thing but it can save our life if we sent an email and regret it.

After this configuration, how can we cancel sending emails?

Nothing easier. When we send a message via Gmail, a small dialog box will appear below. There we can see the sent message or cancel it. If you are sorry, just click Cancel. And note that this is different from a rescue feature that exists in Outlook. It’s just that when you repent, the other person doesn’t even get an email. It is undoubtedly very useful for me to extend this time.

Gmail on Android Life

However, if you cancel and send a message, you will be notified immediately.

Gmail on Android Life

In fact, it’s worth taking a minute to make this change in Gmail and stop worrying about regrets.

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