Gmail: Google warns of threat that puts millions at risk!

Google has warned of a new attack that could endanger millions of Gmail users. This threat comes from Russia and Google reveals that the goal is to steal credentials from people using this email platform. At the time, more than 12,000 Gmail accounts had been attacked, but luckily, the messages were intercepted by Google before they could do any harm.

Gmail: Google warns of threat that puts millions at risk!

As The Sun reveals, this is the latest in a series of attacks carried out by the Fancy Bear group. It is a hacking organization that is apparently supported by the Russian government.

Investigators said the first large-scale attack occurred in late September and affected more than 12,000 Gmail accounts.

Google Gmail notification

The goal was even to get people’s logins via a phishing email. I also wanted to get my hands on other data.

We could see something like “critical security warning” in the subject of the email. Worse, it was very well done. So much so that it was very well received as a message from Google itself.

It said the account was compromised and the password had to be changed. Then it made people click a link to change it.

Google Gmail notification

However, the page people went to looked like the Gmail login page. After entering the credentials an error occurred and nothing was taken. This is because the criminals already had the credentials at this point.

The emails were not addressed to a specific country, but to all parts of the world. According to the Google team.

To prevent phishing attacks, experts advise you not to click on links from people you do not know and not to give your information to an unsafe website.

Watch out for misspellings and suspicious links or attachments as these are classic signs of a fraudulent message. Weird email addresses are also suspicious.

If you are unsure whether a message or website is legit, it is best to play it safe and avoid interacting with them.

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