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Glenn Russell Dubin was born on April 13, 1957 in Washington Heights, Manhattan, New York City USA, of half-Jewish descent and is an investor, probably best known as the head of the private investment company Dubin & Co LP. Glenn is also a co-founder of the alternative investment management firm Highbridge Capital Management, LLC. Dubin is also known for its philanthropic endeavors. He has been active in the investment sector since 1978.

What is the net worth of Glenn Dubin? Authoritative sources reported that his net worth was $ 2 billion as of data released in mid-2017. The US business magazine Forbes ranks Dubin 321 of the richest Americans and 906 of the richest people in the world. Highbridge Capital Management and hedge funds are the main sources of Dubin’s wealth.


Glenn Dubin net worth of $ 2 billion


Initially, the boy grew up in Washington Heights in the simple family of a taxi driver and a hospital administrator. He was educated at PS 132 in Washington Heights and graduated in 1978 with a bachelor’s degree in economics from Stony Brook University.

Regarding his professional career, he was appointed retail broker with the US stock brokerage firm EF Hutton after graduating. In 1984 they co-founded the investment strategy firm Dubin & Swieca with Henry Swieca, and eight years later the two founded an alternative investment firm – Highbridge Capital Management – which started with $ 35 million in capital, now up to $ 25 billion . The company’s success is due in part to the transfer of some of the ownership to the employees, but Glenn Dubin is the company’s CEO. In the fall of 2010, Highbridge bought the majority of the shares in the Brazilian management company Gavea Investimentos.

The investor has been privately married to the Swedish former photographer and program director Eva Anderson since 1994. The family split their time between two residences in Manhattan, Westchester County, Colorado, and one in Sweden. He was previously married to Elizabeth Dubin. Glenn had three children.

In addition, Glenn Dubin is known to be an active philanthropist. In 1987, he joined his friends and founded the Robin Hood Foundation charity, which helps the poor people of New York City; he is currently a member of the board. In 2010, the entrepreneur founded the Dubin Fellowship for Emerging Leaders, which awards promising students a scholarship. Together with his wife they founded the Dubin Breast Cancer Center, and Glenn Dubin is a trustee in one of the oldest and largest teaching hospitals – Mount Sinai Hospital. The von Dubins family helped build the Dubin Family Athletic Performance Center and signed The Giving Pledge – founded by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett – a campaign that encourages wealthy people to donate much of their wealth to philanthropic causes. This means that they donate no less than 50% to social welfare in the course of their life.

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