Gigabyte reached 8 GHz at 12900K. But was it a fraud?

A few days ago, around the time Intel was putting the new Core 12000 Alder Lake-S on the shelves, Gigabyte’s OC team hit the internet to brag about a new world record.

From all the information we had available on the internet, all verified and approved, the team had managed to get 8 GHz in one of the new Intel Core 12000 CPUs, along with a ‘branded motherboard and DDR5 RAM .

with 12900k

It doesn’t look like … it’s all a lie, with some allegations of cheating in the mix.

Gigabyte reached 8 GHz at 12900K. But the CPU-Z says it was a scam

with 12900k

After Gigabyte had put on a “show” with its 8 GHz, the developer responsible for the CPU-Z project went public and claimed that the result was wrong. In other words, the OC team took advantage of a bug in the CPU-Z validation algorithm to post the result. This bug that the team has been trying to exploit for some time.

So at this point the ‘record’ has been invalidated, and as such we have some sort of mini-problem in between. According to new information, this was not the first time that the OC team (HiCookie + Gigabyte) tried to post incorrect overclocking results on the platform. All in all, it looks like the same thing happened at the time the AMD Ryzen 5000 was released! In this case, Gigabyte posted a result of 6.3 GHz on AMD’s Zen 3 platform when in reality it had only reached 5.6 GHz.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Where is the problem? Should Gigabyte be “penalized” for trying to submit OC results that it knows are incorrect? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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