Get skins from Tifa, Cloud, Rufus, Hojo, Ifrit and Shiva

The “Battle Royale” FFVII The first soldier runs barely a week on iOS / Android and already has more than one million downloads and several popular ‘skins’ available. As is natural with this type of game, the “skins” give their continuous life and in the world of Final Fantasy Inspiration is what is left.

The first season pass from FFVII The first soldier It is called “Rise of Shinra” and costs 1000 Shinra creditswhich equate to $ 9.99. This way, players can access multiple themed costumes at the same time. These include the SOLDIER 3rd class outfit, level 1. The Shock Trooper outfit, level 15; Unknown character level 50; Long military trench coat (like Sephirot’s) level 60 and Scorpion Sentinel level 80.

FFVII The First Soldier skins

Hojo’s skin inspired by FFVII remake it is a level 30 reward, while Rufus requires reaching level 100. Both Rufus and Hojo can be applied to male or female versions.

FFVII The First Soldier skins

How to get Tifa and Cloud skins FFVII The first soldier?

It continues with the stellar pair of friends (?) In FFVII remake, Cloud and Tifa, are only available in FFVII The first soldier through outfit packages. The Cloud One costs 3,600 Shinra credits and offers a male and female version, the Buster Sword, emote, accessory and banner.. 2,800 Shinra Credits are $ 19.99, but since it is not possible to purchase 800 Shinra Credits, another $ 9.99 bundle that provides 1,300 credits would be required.

Tifa’s Pack costs 2,800 Shinra credits and is only valid for female avatars. In addition to ‘skin’, accessories, emotes and banners, it contains cosmetics for weapons and motorcycles.

FFVII The First Soldier skins

Finally, we have perhaps the most famous ‘summoning’ (or Espers, Guardian Force, etc.) Final Fantasy. Not only Ifrit and Shiva appear in FFVII The first soldier as incantation matters, but you can also disguise yourself in theirs FFVII remake. each costs 1,500 Shinra credits. You can also get an Ifrit-style combat rifle mod for an additional 1,500 Shinra credits.

Shiva does not have any inspired items yet. But Ifrit also has a shield for 600, a commercial vehicle skin for 1,000, and a Chocobo Ifrit skin for 1,200 Shinra credits.

Source: Count of FFVII-TFS On twitter

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