Genshin Impact | Tips for playing the Spiral Abyss

Suffering from climbing the Spiral Abyss in Genshin impact? Want those Essential Gems that the game delivers as you walk through the Abyss, but get stuck at some point? Rest assured that the Kanaltech Here are some important tips for playing the Spiral Abyss in miHoYo Gacha.

8. Use elemental shields

Image: Screenshot / Igor Pontes / Canaltech

Some characters in the game have the ability to create shields that are generally more resilient than Crystallization, an elemental reaction of the geo-element that creates shield particles on the map when you use an elemental ability. Characters like Diona, Xinyan, Noelle, and Zhongli have shields on their skills and can be used to hold damage while your characters cannot be healed. For example, Diona can heal her companions with her elemental strike and create shields with her elemental ability.

Shields are a surefire way to withstand the damage enemies do to you in the Abyss. So if your healing is on the cooldown, abuse this method of defense.

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7. Watch out for enemies

Image: Screenshot / Igor Pontes / Canaltech

The Abyss is a race against time. The faster you complete the floor, the more stars you will get and, consequently, more rewards. Therefore, you need to understand what enemies are on the ground that you are going to step on to play. So take a look at what their elements are and what the level bonus is.

Knowing the weaknesses of each one of them also helps to defeat opponents quickly and efficiently. Knowing what enemies you will encounter on this floor can help you bring the characters you need into the abyss.

6. Have more than one composition

Image: Screenshot / Igor Pontes / Canaltech

In the Abyss, from a few floors upwards, you have to deploy more than one team to master challenges. Hence, you should think about having more than one composition as you will need two teams in certain situations. There is no point in reserving your four most powerful characters for the first part and not having enough strength to deal with the second part.

Know how to balance your team so that both teams have the strength they need.

5. Improve your characters’ talents

Image: Screenshot / Igor Pontes / Canaltech

Don’t forget that there is no point in having the characters at a high level when their talents are all at level 1. So you should see which talents can best be developed. If you’re a fighter focused on doing more physical damage, consider upgrading your basic attack. For healer characters, the ability to heal allies should be a priority. Always remember to upgrade your characters’ talents to optimize everyone’s damage and abilities.

4. Level up and refine your weapons

Image: Screenshot / Igor Pontes / Canaltech

Sounds like bullshit, but the more you level up and damage your weapons, the more your character will level up. Therefore, the arsenal equipped must correspond to the level of the fighter.

The refinement system works when you have a repeating weapon that you can refine up to level 5 and increase your passive attributes. So try to upgrade your weapons as much as possible.

3. Understand the synergy between artifacts and characters

Image: Screenshot / Igor Pontes / Canaltech

There’s no point using a pyro damage character (fire) with an artifact that deals geo damage (stone), does it? So find out which artifact is best for your character. If you’re too lazy to come up with that answer yourself by reading the character information, there are plenty of tips out there for configuring your fighter in Genshin impact. Much of a character’s dynamics can change if you use the right artifacts. Fighters can do damage or aid the elemental reactions, depending on what you have in your artifacts.

However, some characters work much better than others in certain roles. Benett, for example, can be used as a damage dealer, but the 4-star Pyro character is one of the best healers in the game. With a Supreme who can create a huge healing area and still attack his teammates, he can perform the healing function far better than others.

2. Know what role each character plays in the game

Image: Reproduction / miHoYo

Still chasing the previous topic Genshin impact offers some variety of options for different dolls, but many of them are even better in certain roles, such as the Benett mentioned earlier. Hence, it is worth understanding what each character can offer to play with.

Venti, Archon Anemo, is one of the fan favorites. Not just because he’s a character with an interesting story and really handsome looks, he’s a valuable addition to the team. Indeed, in GenshinTo be supportive is not only synonymous with being a healer, but generating elemental responses to reach enemies. Ventis Supreme gathers enemies over part of the map and deals damage, and most importantly, it lifts characters in the air and pegs them in place. That way, it’s easier to focus your skills and deal damage together.

Anemos characters have this special grouping feature and have very efficient group control. If you have an Anemo character, consider leveling them up to use this power in the Abyss.

Characters who can abuse physical damage are essential on your team too. The raw damage that some characters like Razor or Eula can only cause in normal attack is important not only for the Abyss, but for the whole game.

Healing is something you must have during the Abyss as you cannot use consumables to restore hit points or revive characters during combat. So you don’t want to be without a healer on your team.

1. Play with what you have

Image: Screenshot / Igor Pontes / Canaltech

There are some players out Genshin who like to talk about what is a “goal” of the Abyss and how some characters are stronger than others in this activity. In some ways this is true, but many of the claims can also be seen as a need for self-assertion. Believe me, you can do the Abyss without Diluc.

Unless you have a 5 star character that represents an abrupt game change, don’t worry, it is possible to play the Abyss with characters that the game provides. If you don’t have a 5 star main banner, there’s no need to despair and believe that you won’t make it through the Spiral Moon floors. For example, you can play with the traveler himself using the anemo element to group enemies with his supreme. Xiangling, which you get by completing Floor 3 Chamber 3 of the Abyss, is an excellent attacker. Razor, available from Paimon Bargains, can also do a lot of damage.

Available through Story Mode, Barbara is an excellent healer for those who don’t have a better option. Noelle, geo-character who uses the sword, is also available in the beginner banner and is basically a Swiss Army Knife: since he can grant shield and also deal a lot of damage, the character is very versatile.

In the end, it is important that you have fun with the characters that you have. Don’t fall for the story of the player who has all the dolls and who says that only one particular character is good to play with. Learn to get the most out of your characters and be able to master the Abyss in no time.

Genshin Impact is available for free on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android and iOS.

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