Games come and go on Xbox Game Pass in January (2022)

New year, new games. The Xbox Game Pass starts the year 2022 and offers us an interesting collection of games, mainly “indies”, throughout January. These include some critically acclaimed ones, such as: Gorogoa Yes Outer wilderness. We can also play the trilogy of Mass effect with the Legendary edition offered by EA Play and take a first look at the fascinating multiplayer title The anacrusis.

Let’s find out more about the eight games that will be released this month:

Xbox Games Game Pass January 2022

January 4th

Gorogoa (xCloud, consoles and PC)

Olija (xCloud, consoles and PC)

The pedestrian (xCloud, consoles and PC)

6th January

Embryo (xCloud, consoles and PC)

Mass Effect Legendary Edition (Consoles and PC)

You can read our review on this game follow this link.

Outer wilderness (xCloud, consoles and PC)

13th January

Spelunky 2 (Consoles and PC)

The anacrusis (Consoles and PC)

This is a preliminary version of the game.

Games exiting Xbox Game Pass on January 15, 2022

  • Desperados III (xCloud, consoles and PC)
  • Spirit of a story (Pcs.)
  • Kingdom hearts iii (Consoles)
  • Blade Warband (xCloud, consoles and PC)
  • pandemic (Consoles and PC)
  • Yiik: A post-modern role-playing game (Pcs.)

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