Full list of outlaw bikes snatched by Operation Ironside using the AN0M app

Australian biker gangs have been paralyzed by nearly 100 arrests by the Trojan Horse’s encrypted messaging app AN0M.

Alleged motorcyclists and staff account for one-third of the hundreds of arrests made in Operation Ironside, a long-term undercover organized crime investigation allegedly responsible for huge drug imports.

The app was created by the police and distributed to criminals, then millions of messages were intercepted and used to make arrests in Australia’s largest sting of all time.

Of the 303 arrests across Australia to date, 99 were former suspected bikers and employees.

Hakan Ayik (pictured) remains on the run from the authorities. The fugitive allegedly unknowingly gave the police direct access to the criminal underworld by encouraging his colleagues to use the encrypted AN0M messaging app

The gang hit hardest were the Comancheros with 76 arrests – three quarters of the suspected criminals rounded up by AN0M interceptors.

Another nine were reportedly affiliated with the Rebels, eight with the Lone Wolf gang, and a handful with the Mongols, Finks and Bandidos, News Corp reported.

More charges are expected to arise as Australian federal police work through the 25 million messages intercepted by the encrypted app.

The sting of the police has “significantly influenced” the Comancheros and their business model, as the alleged club figures Mark Buddle and the alleged drug lord Hakan Ayik are still on the run from the authorities abroad.

“It comes from the number of significant arrests. There is obviously much more to be done, much more offshore, which we also have our eyes on, ”said National Anti-Gangs Squad, Detective Superintendent Jason McArthur.

“There will be people who think they are fine because they were not on the AN0M platform. But they’re not okay. We are still coming. ‘

Buddle was last known in Iraq and it is believed that Ayik is still living in Turkey and hiding from characters from the underworld after being outed as one of the “influencers” who unwittingly distributed the AN0M encrypted device.

Ayik, 42, is said to have unknowingly given the police direct access to the criminal underworld by encouraging his colleagues to use the app.

He is Australia’s Most Wanted Man after fling Sydney for Turkey more than a decade ago when he was linked to a $ 230 million heroin import syndicate.

Former head of the Comanchero Bikie gang, Mark Buddle, is also on the run from the authorities, who are known to have last been in hiding in Iraq

“I can’t comment on what’s going on overseas at the moment, but I think I can probably assure everyone that AFP and its partners are definitely taking advantage of Ironside information and the networks we have identified and that we are actively aiming at it.” some of these Comanchero members abroad, ”Superintendent McArthur said.

The arrests include three sergeants-at-arms, a club president, and other public officials.

Police seized huge stocks of cash and drugs, and suspected cyclists owe significant sums of money to other dangerous criminals.

Police will claim that biker gangs along with other criminal groups bought a stake in drug imports for more than $ 1 million.

They claim to have disrupted these planned imports.

“The cash we confiscated that you now owe, the confiscated drugs that you now owe,” Superintendent McArthur said.

Operation Ironside officers (pictured during a raid) have made 303 arrests in the past few months. A third of those arrests are

More arrests are expected to be made while police work through the 25 million messages sent through the encrypted AN0M app. were intercepted

Operation Ironside, started in 2018 with a fake encrypted communication app developed in collaboration with the FBI.

Alleged criminals were tricked into sending messages to their criminal employees around the world via the encrypted messaging app “AN0M”.

Little did they know it was run by FBI agents and the Australian Federal Police who could read every word.

During the covert operation, detectives allegedly uncovered murder plans, gun distribution and bulk drug trafficking, with Mafia bosses, bikes and reality TV stars arrested and charged.

Australian, US and European authorities raided the world in June, during which 4,000 police officers in Australia arrested 224 organized crime accused and seized tons of drugs, millions in cash, and other smuggled and luxury goods.

The police are preparing to arrest a “significant number” of people in the coming months.

“I expect a significant number of suspected criminals to be arrested in the coming months,” said Australian Federal Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw at a recent Senate hearing.

NSW South Coast Comancheros Sergeant-at-Arms Emmanuel Vamvoukaks (pictured) is one of 76 suspected Comancheros bikes arrested as part of Operation Ironside

Bike fees for Operation Ironside


Hayden Burber, 33, alleged treasurer of the South Australian Comanchero

Apostle Broikos, 19, of Burnside, SA

Goran Mazibrada, 43, SA

Dominic Fernando Franze, 23, SA

Danny Ralpley, 43, SA

Christian Taumoefolau, 31, alleged sergeant-at-arms of the Victorian Comanchero

Tevita Ofahengaue, 21, Victoria

Eren Kaya, 28, alleged sergeant-at-arms from Victoria

Muhammed Topal, 25, Victorian brother of the high-ranking Comanchero character Hasan Topal

George Afeaki, 26, Victoria

Falgofie Tufuga, 24, Victoria

Patrick O’Kelly, 31, Victoria

Joshua Brennan, 30, Victoria

Emmanuel Vamvoukais, 40, suspected NCO on the south coast of NSW

Luke Jolly Bishop, 27, Victoria

Luke Andreou, 31, NSW

Daniel Eahab Jaafar, 40, NSW

James Bouzianis, 48, NSW

Maher Aouli, 40, NSW

Yusif Ayik, 20, NSW

Julian Lee, 41 NSW

Ayhan Dogan


George Kamvissis, 30 Victoria

Talja Arslan, 23, Victoria

Chihat Yilmaz, 24, Victoria

Soner Batteries, 30, Victoria


Elias Elchaar, 49, suspected National Sergeant-at-Army of the Lone Wolf Gang

Brian Anthony Blackman, 51, NSW

Edward George ‘Etu’ Lavulo, 32, NSW

Judah Earl Lavulo, 30


Jason Howlett-Elliott, 40, SA

Robert Leigh Marshall, 31, SA


Benjamin Joseph Thornton, 21, Queensland

Senad Catic, 34

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