Fuels: Transporting a Hybrid (PHEV) is theft!

It is very likely that, given the current fuel crisis, you are thinking about converting your dependable everyday car to an electrified vehicle, be it a hybrid car (MHEV / PHEV) or, of course, an all-electric car. (To be honest, given the still many infrastructure restrictions in our country, you are most likely considering a hybrid.)

What is clear is the issue of out-of-home broadcasts!

Because while charging at home is still very beneficial for the vast majority of motorists, charging on the go is already a more complicated and even frightening topic that unfortunately only a few consumers are aware of.

That is why today we are trying to explain what is happening in the world of electric charging, namely in plug-in hybrids. That the chargers distributed across the country are unfortunately no longer popular due to the unaffordable prices of the operators.

Fuels: Transporting a Hybrid (PHEV) is theft!

wear a hybrid

Hence in the case of PHEV (Plug-In Electric Vehicle), which are currently the most sought-after hybrids on the market. All due to the fact that they are able to offer a certain 100% electrical autonomy (today approx the picture above, the possibility of combining the two engines for a sporty mode full of horsepower and torque) … Charging outside the home is now completely unaffordable. (Save some older posts and therefore slower).

Because the current charging model at most stations is payment per minute, plus of course the activation fee, taxes on electricity costs and the price of the station itself … The costs per Kw / h are simply frightening and often exceed 1 €.

wear a hybrid

To get the idea, this charge does not fill the car battery in the picture above, the Golf GTE, which offers more or less 45 KM 100% electrical autonomy with a usable battery of 7.1 KW.

Can you imagine having to pay 8 € for 45 KM? Even with the current gasoline or diesel price, it is better to get fuel at the nearest pump.

This is because plug-in hybrids charge slowly, typically between 3.7 KW / h and 7.4 KW / h. So, like the vast majority of the newer posts, they have loading speeds starting at 22KW. The price is based on the same speed, so this type of charging does not make sense in a hybrid car. To get an idea of ​​the current charging system (price) when you try to charge a car like the Golf GTE with a quick charger like the one we find at motorway service stations, the charging price for this 45 KM autonomy can reach almost € 20.

However, I have to say that these prices are from the MIIO app and map which was one of the best charging services until recently. There are cheaper companies like EVIO. But the conclusion remains: charging hybrid cars is currently a mistake.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Do you have an e-car at home? Or are you thinking of buying one to avoid escalating fuel prices? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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