Fortnite will have a no-build game mode, according to a leak

Has it ever happened to you that you feel like you are dominating a “Battle Royale” game, knocking out opponents with ease, only to be eliminated by someone who can build a Taj Mahal in seconds? to defend yourself? There are a lot of players who are having fun Fourteen daysbut they’re not used to building mechanics and wish the game didn’t have a build mode. Well, your wishes have been heard.

HYPEX, a well-known content creator who publishes very successful leaks about Epic Games’ flagship game, announced on their Twitter account that Fourteen days will soon have a no-build game mode for duos.

Based on the information it shared, the Fourteen days – Called ‘No build duos’ in English – it will be an MTL or ‘Limited Time Mode’. That means it will be temporarily available in the game. Hopefully it will be successful and we can convince Epic to add it permanently.

There is currently no official information on this. We don’t know when it might happen or more details about it. In fact, it is possible that the project could be canceled and that game mode never come. Stay tuned for GamerFocus as we will let you know when we have official dates on this.

The building system in Fourteen days it has been heavily criticized from the point of view of balance. Some say that PC gamers have a clear advantage over console gamers because of this. Despite everything, there are ways to counteract this, such as weapons and tools that can set buildings on fire.

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Fountain: Hypex account on Twitter

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