Ford Unveils Its New Puma 2022 Hybrid Video Teaser!

Electrification is making its way into the automotive world. In the end, the benefits are real and proven, something that even affects the car’s driveability, including the most dynamic and / or sporty ones.

That said, this time around we have Ford, which appears to have released an “Easter Egg” of what it is building in a video. A new Puma ST 2022 Hybrid!

Apparently, the North American manufacturer will even develop a new sports car that will be supported by electrification. With the video indicating that the model in question is the company’s most coveted sports crossover, the Ford Puma ST.

Puma 2022

New video from Ford marks the departure of the millionth car from the factory in Craiova (Romania)!

In case you didn’t know, this is where both the Puma and Puma ST are built. But let’s get down to business, we have a video demonstration of the company’s hybrid rally variant. Watch the video, click Here.

The video itself may suggest that the rally version could even be turned into a variant for the road. Which, in turn, will be ready to impress Internet users by driving. However, please note that this is not confirmed. But the possibility of an electrified Puma ST is huge.

Puma 2022

Ford Puma Hybrid was caught testing at the Nürburgring!

At the beginning of the year a Puma “ST-Line” was caught during tests on the Nürburgring, which appears to be the real ST variant. After all, it brought the design and details of the performance variant with it, such as the model’s exclusive wheels. Interestingly, this car also had a yellow sticker indicating that there was a hybrid element inside, but without the traditional charging port found on plug-in models.

therefore that Details preclude the hypothesis of being a PHEV. In other words, we will most likely have a simpler hybrid version.

As for numbers, we can only describe current engines as the engine EcoBoost 1.5L of ST versions that support the 200hp. But also the recognized ones 1.0 of three cylinders is capable of that 140 hp or 155 hp in the current mild hybrid variant.

In short, everything points to the fact that we have in hand an “Easter Egg” offered by Ford, which heralds the future of its Puma ST 2022 Hybrid. But is that what motorists are looking for?

What do you think of that? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.


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