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(Review) Redmi Buds 3 Pro: at this price? Xiaomi always (or almost always) has a philosophy of bringing products of undeniable quality to the market at a wallet-friendly price. After all, this was the foundation of the Chinese giant, which luckily will still be standing in 2021! Mainly because of this way of being in the market, we have an authentic legion of fans behind smartphones and indeed all Xiaomi gadgets and their sub-brands.

With that said all, when the Xiaomi 11T Pro is the proof that the manufacturer does not play along in the world of smartphones, the also very current Redmi Buds 3 Pro are proof that the use of gadgets is not even smaller.

In fact, I’ll go as far as to say if you want real sound quality and many of today’s most advanced and desirable features … but at the same time not wanting to sell a kidney or lung, you have to look at these Redmi Buds 3.

(Review) Redmi Buds 3 Pro: at this price? just fantastic

Buds 3 per:

The world of TWS earbuds is one of the most saturated segments of the market, with more offers for every taste and price in memory.

So when I say these Redmi Buds 3 Pro are special, my friends, it is because they are. After all, with a price of ~ $ 60, they are better than many of the $ 100 ~ $ 200 alternatives on the market in almost all areas.

In fact, even at this price, they offer bluetooth 5.2, wireless charging, very strange sound quality and envision the ability to connect to 2 devices at the same time. It is really adorable!

But let’s work in parts.

Design and construction quality

Buds 3 per:

In terms of design, they are undoubtedly a little different from the “normal”, starting with the box. However, when it comes to earbuds, it’s a design that fits in the ear canal like a glove, and as such, in a type of product with 75% of the body hidden in our ears, that’s exactly what we want.

What is most noticeable, however, is the mirrored touch surface, on which we can control the basic functions “Play”, “Pause” and the ANC modes. Yes, we have active noise cancellation for these € 60 boys too.

All of this in an IPX4-certified packaging, a combined weight of buds + 55 g cardboard and dimensions of 65 x 48 x 26 mm.

As for the build quality … well … it’s all there! The small lid even holds the weight of the entire box when it is open and offers an audible and very pleasant “cracking” sound when closed.


Buds 3 per:

As mentioned earlier, we have wireless charging, BT 5.2, the ability to connect to more than one device, and of course, ANC.

As for noise cancellation, it’s entirely possible to hit the gym and cut out the usually terrible background music as well as side conversations. However, you will obviously hear the sound of treadmills and weights being thrown on the floor. In other words, it’s a pretty decent ANC, but it’s not going to revolutionize anything.

All in all, the Redmi Buds 3 Pro has an annoying little bug … we don’t have a suitable app, it’s only possible to get software support if you have an up-to-date MIUI smartphone. If this is the case for you, you will have access to multiple options and even software updates. However, it is a shame that you need a Xiaomi mobile phone to access the full range of functions of this device.

But back to the good things, we have support for SBC and AAC codecs, as well as the ability to switch between different devices like smartphones and PCs depending on what’s happening in each ecosystem. In other words, imagine you’re listening to music on your PC and you get a call on your cell phone … Buds 3 Pro switches to your smartphone for the call and then returns to your PC to play music at the end.

In addition, we also have in-ear detection, which means feeling the buds when you take them off, pause the music, and also when you put them back in, and pick up what was left during the break.

Sound quality!

This is the most important and in my opinion one of the strengths of this product.

At the end of the cable we have dynamic 9nm drivers and three microphones on each side. In addition to the musical quality, Xiaomi has a pair of simply fantastic earphones for calls, whether indoors or outdoors.

As far as the sound quality in multimedia consumption is concerned, we have a lot of quality here with good bass, excellent voice separation and a very balanced sound profile. The volume is very decent even when the ANC is active.

In short, in my opinion, earbuds are perfectly capable of competing on an equal footing, with offerings far superior in this price range!


Xiaomi promises 6 hours of use with active ANC at 50% volume, so a total of 28 hours of autonomy with the box. Numbers that, in my experience, are more or less correct.

However, it takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge the headphones and case via the USB-C port. The buds alone take about an hour. Of course, we have a quick charge function here that enables three hours of use with just 10 minutes of charging time.

As mentioned earlier, we also support Qi wireless charging. Something very rare in this price range.


Buds 3 per:

In short, we have some undeniable quality wireless earbuds here that are big and ugly at their introductory price point. At the end of the day, we have everything the highest quality alternatives on the market have to offer for a fraction of the price.

The only major downside is that we don’t have great software support if we don’t have a Xiaomi smartphone in our pockets. But that’s a very minor setback when we have so many positives in a product.

Buds 3 per:

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