Foldable: Honor will pick up where Huawei left off

Huawei was one of Samsung’s biggest competitors in the folding world. In fact, we had a real race of who would be the first to hit the market with their first device based on a foldable OLED screen.

A race that Samsung won in the early stages, and of course because of what happened to the United States, resulted in a “secant” race where only one horse gave all it had.

But calm down! Honor, the former Huawei sub-brand that has since been sold, is determined to enter this race at the exact same point that its former parent company left off.

Foldable: Honor will pick up where Huawei left off


Therefore, Honor seems to have quite ambitious plans to return to the smartphone market, but this has already happened in several regions of the world with the still very young Honor Magic 3 Pro.

But the bet doesn’t stop there, Honor also wants to enter the world of folding to support Samsung and compatriot Xiaomi. In the end, the former Huawei sub-brand has already registered two very interesting names “Honor Magic Fold” and “Honor Magic Wing”, which are set to breathe life into a single device sometime this year or early 2022.

As for the device itself, however, some rumors point to an 8-inch folding screen, which should be a device that should be very similar to the Huawei Mate X2 in terms of design.

It is a device that deserves some attention, given that Honor is not just recovering and gradually putting it on the market. In other words, Honor appears to be committed to following in Huawei’s footsteps and returning to the same wave of global growth. It would be something really interesting! Because the “know-how” is very similar and the design philosophy … Well … It’s exactly the same.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Do you want a strong honor in the smartphone market? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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