Flotilla of migrants in giant rubber dinghies leaves coast near Calais

What happens to migrants after they arrive in the UK?

Migrants picked up or intercepted at sea after landing are taken to a border control center such as Tug Haven, near Dover.

Here, newcomers are examined to identify medical needs or weak points, fed and checked to see whether they have a criminal record. Adults have an initial interview before being sent to accommodations across the UK paid by UK taxpayers and provided by private contractors.

The migrants are given £ 37.75 a week for essentials like groceries, clothing and toiletries while they wait for a decision on their asylum application. If the application is rejected, they face deportation to their home country.

Kent County Council usually takes care of unaccompanied children, although other local authorities are also involved in the program.

That is when two 50-foot rubber dinghies, each carrying up to 40 migrants, were loaded on a beach in northern France this morning before being pushed into the UK by people smugglers.

While the French police did not notice the departure, journalists did – they filmed the migrants as they hauled the inflatables down from the cliffs to reach the sea from two secluded beaches south of Calais.

A total of 1,185 migrants crossed the English Channel last Thursday, beating the previous daily high of 853. There have been more than 20,000 crossings this year, with the UK accusing Paris of not doing enough to stop them.

Today at dawn, dog walkers and a jogger watched in amazement as the two separate groups, who had hidden overnight in the sand dunes, ran to the water in their huge boats.

People smugglers waded knee-deep in the sea as the migrants climbed aboard for the dangerous journey across the English Channel.

A migrant en route to the UK told MailOnline that human traffickers do not travel to the UK in inflatable rafts themselves.

They provide the boat and life jackets and take the migrants to the beach to wait for the boat to be launched.

Wading up to their knees in the water, the smugglers then help the migrants onto the boat and show them how the engine works before pushing them off the bank towards the UK.

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Today MailOnline saw at least boats full of migrants from two remote and nearby deserted beaches south of Calais. slipped away

The migrants, who had hidden in sand dunes for the night, were seen guiding two huge 15-meter-long black rubber dinghies down the cliffs to reach the sea

The Home Office spent £ 7,000 on 700 dominoes pizzas for migrants in just TWO DAYS

By Harry Howard for MailOnline

A branch of Domino’s fast food chain in Dover was forced to close last week after border police officers ordered hundreds of pizzas to feed migrants who had crossed the canal.

Officials are said to have bought around 700 pizzas at a cost of more than £ 7,000 in two days. That figure was more than the agency spent on pizza for migrants throughout July.

According to The Times, Border Force said they had to order emergency groceries after being “completely overwhelmed” by the record number of crossings from France last week.

Almost 4,000 migrants arrived in the first eleven days of November – more than twice as many as expected by the Interior Ministry.

Discarded pizza boxes

Today there was cheers and cheers from a boat as they started their Yamaha outboard motor and set out into the surf to start a new life in the UK.

Most of the two groups wore bright orange life jackets, although some did not have flotation devices when they set off from the beaches near the seaside town of Wimereux

The incredible scenes took place without a single police officer being seen anywhere in the area, despite the French authorities promising to crack down on migrant boats.

The boats set sail after a MailOnline reporter saw life jackets openly distributed in a makeshift migrant camp in Grand Synthe, near Dunkirk.

Groups of men were seen arriving with bags full of brand new bright orange life jackets as charities were handing out free groceries and medicines on Monday afternoon.

Several groups of migrants were later seen waiting at a nearby bus stop across from an Auchan supermarket, carrying their life jackets in pockets.

One migrant from a group who said he was an Iraqi Kurd told MailOnline: “We are all Arabs.

“Some of us are from Syria. We just want to go to Great Britain. “

When asked about the prospect of the dangerous canal crossing, he shrugged and added: “Of course we will cross the sea, but we don’t know when it will happen.

“We have received our jackets and are waiting for instructions.

‘We don’t know if it will be tonight?’

The migrant said he arrived in Grand Synthe after being smuggled out of Turkey in trucks but refused to tell how much he had paid people smugglers.

He added: “The conditions in the camp here are filthy. We’ve only been here five days and I can’t wait to go. ‘

Members of the group were watched carefully looking at their cellphones while apparently waiting to be told where to go while they waited for one of the Dunkirk area’s free local buses.

Numerous migrants arrived in Wimereux, about 40 miles south of Grand Synthe, on Monday evening and walked through the city center towards the beach.

There was cheer and cheer from a boat as they started their Yamaha outboard motor and set out into the surf to start a new life in the UK.

Three suspected people smugglers are fleeing after helping migrants set sails on a beach near Calais at dawn this morning

The couple spoke to a man in a life jacket. MailOnline witnessed life jackets being openly distributed in a makeshift migrant camp in Grand Synthe near Dunkirk

A migrant en route to the UK told us that human traffickers do not travel to the UK in rubber dinghies themselves. They provide the boat and life jackets and take the migrants to the beach to wait for the moment to lower the boat

End of Dunkirk’s “New Jungle”: Riot cops move in to smash the wretched migrant camp

By Chris Pleasance for MailOnline

France is clearing a refugee camp known as the “New Jungle” near Dunkirk after 1,500 people camped there.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin tweeted Tuesday that the police had sent to dismantle the camp on disused industrial land in the Grande-Synthe community. Thirty police cars filled with officers from the French National Reserve Police were on the scene this morning as migrants – including women and young children – packed up their belongings and were taken away.

Migrants are being taken to nearby “centers” so that their asylum cases can be assessed, local media said. It is unclear how many are allowed to stay in Europe.

French police move in to clear the New Jungle

Around 1,500 migrants were taken to asylum centers

French riot police are dismantling the camp today

Some had huge backpacks full of their meager belongings, and apparently they were hiding their life jackets.

It is believed that they set out on a cliff path to the beaches north of town, where they could wait on the sand dunes hidden by bushes and vegetation.

A MailOnline reporter heard the excited chatter of a group of migrants on the beach in the darkness of La Pointe Aux Oies, about three kilometers from Wimereux, at 6:15 am today.

The voices, including those of the children, gradually faded as the group walked towards the beach.

Lights from torches were briefly seen as they climbed into a boat, apparently at low tide, about 200 yards from the cliff dunes.

About 15 minutes later, a group of three or four men were seen walking up the beach towards the dunes, suggesting that they had successfully launched the boat.

About 30 minutes later, shadowy figures returned to the beach and walked briefly towards the sea and then walked back as if checking the conditions.

At least two men stayed on the beach and were regularly run back to the dunes when dawn was slowly breaking just after 8 a.m.

About half an hour later, a huge group of migrants suddenly appeared. carry their fully inflated oversized boat down the cliff through the dunes.

They whizzed the boat across the sand before boarding it in near-perfect conditions as the waves gently lapped them.

Members of the group said they were all Iraqi Kurds, and one claimed to be stuck in France for seven years before setting off on the busy shipping lanes.

Supervisors who escorted the boat out to sea were seen as the outboard motor came to life and the ship drove into the early morning mist.

Around the same time, a MailOnline photographer observed another 50-foot-long black rubber dinghy being carried down the neighboring beach at Fort d’Ambleteuse by a group of about 50 migrants.

Screams could be heard as most of the group climbed aboard until the boat seemed to be at full capacity.

A small group of about ten people, including a child, stayed on the beach, possibly to avoid overcrowding the boat.

A man in blue shorts with a peaked cap and a top with glowing sleeves appeared to give instructions to those who were still on the beach.

It also looked like he was checking the bindings of their life jackets, which suggested that they might be able to get a seat on the next boat.

The two beaches are separated by a ledge, although they are connected by paths at the top of the cliffs.

MailOnline found the wreckage of a seemingly deflated rubber dinghy on the rocks, suggesting that a previous trip had failed.

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