(First impressions) Honda HR-V: A new kind of hybrid car

The new Honda HR-V was introduced a few months ago, but is only now being launched on the Portuguese market.

So we drove to Frankfurt to try out the new Japanese Honda hybrid to see what’s really new about this SUV, which tries to continue the formula for success of the previous models, this time with a “new” electrified engine that, according to the brand, has the potential to revolutionize the segment.


(First impressions) Honda HR-V: A new kind of hybrid car


Therefore, thanks to the production crisis in the automotive world, the new Honda HR-V will only reach our market in early 2022. A model that is only available with a hybrid engine seems of course to be a new bet from Honda in this type of technology, as the way it works is really a little different from what we are used to. (But the details of all of this will be left for detailed review when this boy hits the market.)

Incidentally, according to the brand, the new HR-V Hybrid is a kind of footstep by Honda on the European market. By offering a car more in the style of the old continent. What is immediately noticeable about the construction of the interior, especially in the more heavily equipped versions.


What has changed anyway?

First of all, the Honda HR-V is based on the GSP (Global Small Platform), which we already find in the brand’s latest Jazz. Nevertheless, the 2022 HR-V has external dimensions that are very similar to the previous model, but significantly increases the amount of space inside.

It is a car that, thanks to the simple but attractive lines on the outside, conveys the image of a robust and meaningful car, although in reality and in everyday life it is a completely normal SUV that should fit in every parking lot.

It’s a car that now looks more elegant too, and is more tied to the little details that so often can make a difference when a driver walks into a booth ready to buy a new car.



Technology and motorization

In 2021, or in this case 2022, we obviously have to have some technology ahead of us when it comes to driving. In the middle of the dashboard is a 9-inch screen with the HMI system, which enables integration with the smartphone via the Apple CarPlay systems (no cable required) and Android Auto.


Behind the wheel, we have a 7-inch digital panel with the great mission of presenting some of the most important information to the user. Namely in the area of ​​navigation.

Interestingly, Honda appears to have innovated a lot in the area of ​​air conditioning in the new HR-V. After all, the “L” -shaped air nozzles on the sides of the dashboard allow air to be routed that evades the occupants and creates a kind of air curtain on the sides and above the passengers. In a nutshell, the idea is to prevent the driver and passengers from taking a deep breath.

The motor!


This is where we find Honda’s hybrid e: HEV engine. This essentially consists of two electric motors that work together with a 1.5-liter i-VTEC internal combustion engine (Atkinson). In addition, we have a 60-cell Li-ion battery (only 45 on the Jazz) and a fixed gearbox that sends all of the torque to the front axle.

This gives us 131 hp and 253 Nm of torque. That in turn means 10.6 s from 0 to 100 km / h and a top speed of 170 km / h. In other words, as you may have noticed, we don’t have the most dynamic or sporty car in the world here. But that was never the goal. The focus of this Honda engine is on even consumption, with the brand pointing to an average of around 5L per 100km. A metric that didn’t seem difficult to achieve with normal driving.

Another hybrid engine? In what?

Well, this e: HEV engine offers three different modes of operation:

  • Electric drive,
  • Hybrid drive,
  • Motor drive

As well as the classic driving modes Sport, Eco and Normal. Of course, they work just as their names suggest. Sport if you want a faster throttle response, Eco to control fuel consumption or normal to have some kind of middle ground.

But what really matters here are the hybrid propulsion modes.

The HR-V constantly tries to find out which driving style is most efficient by switching between the 3 modes mentioned above. This way, in urban or more urban environments, it is quite possible to just go with electric motors. This while on the highway or at slightly higher speeds, we have the internal combustion engine to get the maximum power from the car. (In electric mode, the combustion engine only works to drive the on-board network.)

Completion, price and release date


According to the brand, the HR-V will come at the beginning of next year, but there is no specific date yet. In terms of price, this model is expected to start at around 30 thousand euros, but the final value has not yet been determined for the national market either.

In terms of the car, it seems to be a very interesting vehicle for short journeys, for drivers whose main goal is to have a safe, spacious car with “decent” consumption. That said, if you want something more dynamic that lets you feel the asphalt and all the strong emotions of driving, you will of course have to look for an alternative that suits you.

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