Fiido e-bike: Black Friday promotions for e-bikes!

At a time when fuel costs more than an arm or a leg, it’s always a good idea to look into the world of electric vehicles, but I’m not even talking about electric cars here … There is a whole ecosystem of electric bicycles with a lot of autonomy that can get rid of your bank account and escape the traffic of big cities with no major difficulty.

Well, one of the brands that has invested the most in this world is Fiido, which tries to combine performance and autonomy with a super appealing design, and actually very different from what we usually find in this market.

Let’s see what the brand has to offer us?

Fiido e-bike: Black Friday promotions for e-bikes!

fiido e-bike

Hence, riding an e-bike is much more than opting for a “cheaper” alternative means of transportation, it is also an excellent way to be environmentally friendly without ruining your schedule, on a normal work day it is also a source of fun if you are a fan of the cycling world.

All in all, Fiido is taking advantage of Black Friday 2021 to bring more bikes into the hands of consumers, with an additional 10% discount on various desirable models. (D11 (EU / UK / US), D4S (EU), L3 (EU), M1 (EU)) – The coupon will be displayed on the page and can be used at checkout.

fiido e-bike

fiido e-bike

D11 (Price: 800 €)

A collapsible electric bike that will help you go to work, hit the gym, visit loved ones, etc. It only weighs 12.9 kg (excluding the battery) so it can be folded and charged with no major problems. It has a 250W 35nm motor.

D4S (Price: 600 €)

This is a bike that is more geared towards comfort during all the 50 miles that its battery offers. It’s also cheaper than the D11.

L3 (Price: 800 €)

We have a discount of almost € 200 on this bike that alone can transport a person weighing 75 kg for almost 200 kilometers. It’s an incredible amount of autonomy for a simple eBike.

M1 (Price: 800 €)

An electric mountain bike? Why not?

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Interested? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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