Farming Simulator 22 (PS5 Analysis)

Another year, another farming simulator. The last entry in this series that I analyzed was that FS19, which I thought was a very competent, complete and focused simulator at the time. This of course for those who like this type of game.

Make no mistake, this isn’t Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing (the farming mechanics in these games are simplified and the focus of the experience is different). In other words, FS has always been a hardcore simulator of the feeling of being a farmer.

Which begs a question. Does FS22 add even more to an already fairly complete experience? Let’s find out with this review.

Farming Simulator 22

Main differences between FS19 and FS22

  • New attachment options: Unfortunately, the changes in this department are not as significant as some would like them to be. For example, we now have the opportunity to grow olives, grapes and sorghum. The truth is that if you bought the SS19 DLC at this time, the difference is really very small.
  • New cards: As you would expect, there are three starter cards to choose from, one in the United States and two in Europe. The landscapes are inspired by both the French and Swiss landscapes.

Black Friday 2021: don’t be fooled!

  • New game engine: One of the most significant changes is undoubtedly the new game engine. FS22 runs on the GIANT Engine 9, in addition to the improvements in graphics, sound and object physics, we also have the much-needed AI update (my biggest criticism of FS19 was that I couldn’t trust the AI, our fifth to automate) . This engine seems to have enabled better optimization for PS5 as well, as the performance is much better than FS19 (PS4).
  • Climate change: Something that only existed through mods (exclusively for the PC). It has now been officially added to the game. For me this is one of the most important changes, in a game about agriculture, climate changes (humidity, wind, temperature, etc.) add a higher level of immersion.
  • New buildings: In addition to making the build system much more intuitive than FS19, we’ve added warehouses, stables and perhaps the most interesting greenhouses. This creates a very important dynamic as we now also have to worry about climate change.
  • Character creation: Such a simple addition, but one that has never been featured in a farming simulator. We now have the option to create our own character in what is even a fairly complete system (for a game that is not an RPG).

Performance / graphics

Farming Simulator 22

As already mentioned, FS22 runs on the new GIANT engine 9, which in turn enables better game optimization, at least for PS5.

Graphically, it’s a nice improvement (not as big as I’d hoped for a game on the new generation of consoles), especially in terms of lighting and textures. Unfortunately, this does not mean that the game is without problems or runs without errors. While not that common, frame drops are still there and become more common depending on the number of items being rendered (the bigger our farm, the worse the performance).


In short, when it comes to adding new content, there is little difference between FS19 + DLCs and FS22.

Fortunately, this also means that there is room to grow! To like? With possible DLC to be released for this new entry. This, along with the new game engine, AI improvements and surface quality, lead me to recommend FS22 to any fan of the series or newbie looking to put on their farmer boots for the first time.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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