Far Cry 6 receives DLC cosmetic package based on La Casa de Papel

A few weeks ago we were pretty surprised to find this a cosmetic content pack inspired by breaking Bad in the Ubisoft Open World Game Store, but it wouldn’t be the only popular series to have a collaboration on the title. We noticed that a DLC content pack is already on sale Scream Far 6 this allows us to dress like a character from the Spanish series The money robbery.

The truth is we are not surprised. Many had already established a connection between the two works thanks to the presence of the Italian protest song in both Bella Ciao.

What is the content of the package The money robbery Per Scream Far 6?


  • amulet Paper fly
  • Rifle 4 ★ Royal mint


  • Gang of robbers (3 ★ wrists): Lucky Reload – chance to get weights after changing an empty magazine.
  • Robbery mask (Head 3 ★): Low profile – creates less military pressure in the area.
  • Robbery suit (Chest 3 ★): Weight counter – increases the number of received weights.
  • Heist pants (3 ★ legs): Big Breath Recovery – increases stamina regeneration significantly.
  • Predatory boots (3 ★ Feet): Escape – Greatly increases speed after stealing weights.


  • vehicle Robbery
  • Dashboard ornament Pile of pesos

How much does the package cost The money robbery?

You can get it in the in-game store for 1,500 Far Cry credits. Since the 500 credit package costs $ 4.99, the set would cost around 59,000 Colombian pesos. Do you think it’s worth it?

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Source: Ubisoft

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