Fans go mad at North West’s wardrobe show on the new TikTok video kidspot

Eight-year-old North West posted a TikTok on her joint account with mom Kim Kardashian, in which she does something that all children do. But the comments section doesn’t have it.

Playing in your mother’s closet is a rite of initiation for every child, and it seems North West is no different.

Eight-year-old North, daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, posted a TikTok on her shared account with her mother, in which she does something that all children do – play around with her mother’s accessories.

But the comments section disagrees for a reason.

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Is that North or her father Kanye? Source: TikTok

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The viral TikTok

The TikTok account @KimandNorth makes it clear that an adult is managing the account, and comments on most videos are disabled. That means North is free to make videos and share them for their own entertainment.

It is evident in this latest video, which has been viewed more than 12 million times, that she enjoys posting from her mother’s extensive and, as we all know, expensive accessory closet.

the room (not a piece of furniture) is full of high heels and handbags, but North shows off her mother’s sunglasses collection in a nifty edited clip.

And she also has an attitude that she looks more like her father than ever.


Her future is so bright … she must wear sunglasses. Source: TikTok

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The backlash

The TikTok was shared on Instagram by Entertainment Tonight, which means it hasn’t escaped comment – and people didn’t hold back on their harsh judgment.

“Brat alert! I pray for your soulless child. Looks like you’re already lost, ”one wrote.

“Teach her to be grounded and humble. That would be more impressive than a closet full of clothes or shoes, ”said another.

One added, “Far too young for so much attention.”

Other comments included concerns about the normalization of such a glamorous lifestyle at such a young age.

“She lives in a fantasy world,” commented one. “The reality will be a shock to the eligible children.”

Another viewer grew deeper.

“That poor kid with so much wealth has a broken reward system. These kind of kids have lost motivation and inspiration because they get everything they want without doing anything.

“As a teenager, nothing will surprise her and she will hardly find joy in the simplest things in life. That does not arouse jealousy, but sadness. “

Everything kar.

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