everything that comes with Bungie’s 30th anniversary event

Founded in 1991 by Alex Seropian and Jason Jones, Bungie Software Products Corporation – Renamed Bungie Studios after it was acquired by Microsoft in 2000 – is a studio that played a defining role in the development of the FPS genre. While its early titles – all exclusive to Apple computers – went unnoticed, Bungie would get the industry through Halo: Combat Evolved (2001). Not only did this mark the start of one of the most iconic franchises in the industry, but it also made Bungie Studios synonymous with first-person shooter games.

Even after Microsoft withdrew in 2007, Bungie continues to have conversations with its second most famous franchise: determination. For the past 7 years the studio has been developing the history of this universe thanks to its “Game as a Service” model.

To mark the 30th anniversary of Bungie, players from Fate 2 you can now attend a new event. You can then see everything that has arrived.

What content from the Bungie 30th Anniversary Event is available to all Bungie users? Fate 2?

Destiny 2 30th Anniversary Bungie Halo Event

As of today, the players are from Fate 2 can access Challenges of Eternity. This activity requires 6 matchmaking guards to team up to face hordes of enemies and impress a star horse as they explore Xûr’s treasury.

As if that wasn’t enough, players can get a new exotic pistol and its catalyst. After completing the appropriate adventure step, they will receive predecessor. Of course, this gun is from the iconic Magnum of. inspired gloriole. You can find out more here.

The predecessor won’t be the only weapon to be inspired by gloriole. Guardians can also get the legendary pulse rifle Warrior BXR-55, based on the BR55HB SR Battle Rifle; the legendary sword Half-truths, inspired by the plasma sword; the legendary search rifle Newly transferred road, based on the special action rifle Type 52; the legendary shotgun M5 from Paramero, inspired by the M90 ​​shotgun; and the legendary grenade launcher Sorry for the interference, based on the M319 Custom Grenade Launcher.

In addition, the Bungie 30th Anniversary event will bring new triumphs.

What content is available exclusively to 30th Anniversary Bungie Bundle Owners?

Destiny 2 30th Anniversary Bungie Halo Event

In addition to granting access to the dungeon Claws of greedThe 30th Anniversary Bungie Pack allows squads of 3 Guardians to explore the cosmodrome caves and claim the new hawthorn-themed armor sets, and instantly unlocks various rewards. These include the exotic Gjallarhorn rocket launcher and its respective catalyst; Claymore sword of myth; Legendary weapon pack determination; the exotic hummingbird Gjallarwing, the armor sets on the theme of the marathon; and Bungie themed armor sets inspired by streetwear.

To view the contents of the Bungie 30th Anniversary Package, follow this link.

Fate 2 and extension Beyond the light is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Steam and Google Stadia. It is worth remembering that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users can play it on their Android devices through xCloud.

Source: Bungie.net

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