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Eugene Lee Yang was born on January 18, 1986 in Pflugerville, Texas USA and is a YouTube star best known worldwide for his work at Buzzfeed Motion Pictures as a producer, writer, director and actor. He has created several documentaries, including the “Try Guys” (2014-2017).

Have you ever wondered how rich Eugene Lee was in late 2017? Authoritative sources have estimated that Eugene’s net worth is over $ 700,000 thanks to his success in the entertainment industry.


Eugene Lee Yang net worth of $ 700,000


Although he has Korean roots and is connected to the Asian community, Eugene has also cultivated his American side. He grew up with his two sisters in his hometown of Pflugerville. After graduating from high school, Eugene enrolled at the University of Southern California where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Cinematography / Production with a GPA of 4.0.

Throughout his apprenticeship, he suffered from bullying, which had a major impact on his later career, as he often covered the subject of bullying in his videos. He joined Buzzfeed Motion Pictures in 2014 after having come a long way, starting with the short film “Ma Cité, mon Histoire,” which he directed, wrote and produced, to several other short films, including “I Am Not a Princess ”(2010),“ Larmoyant ”and“ Wandering Star ”, both in 2012,“ Serenata ”(2013), while in 2014 he directed, wrote and produced something for“ Comfort Girls ”and“ If Disney Princesses Were Real ” increased his wealth to a large extent.

Thanks to his early success, Eugene became part of Buzzfeed Motion Pictures and immediately got his first screen appearance in 2014 when he himself appeared in the TV series “The Try Guys” (2014-2017), alongside Keith Habersberger and Zach Kornfeld. Most recently he also worked as a producer and presenter of the TV comedy series “Squad Wars” (2017) together with his “The Try Guys” co-stars.

He has also amassed a sizeable number of followers on YouTube, where he has posted numerous videos on the BuzzFeed channel. Aside from YouTube, this young filmmaker is also known on Instagram, which has more than 660,000 followers, which has also added to his wealth.

He has demonstrated his talent at several festivals and competitions, including the LG Fame US competition, where he won the grand prize, and the Male Breakout Star at the Unforgettable Awards, while also winning the Digital Pioneer Award for Buzzfeed Motion was awarded Pictures at the San Diego Asian Film Festival.

In terms of his personal life, Eugene is a supporter of an LGBT community, also actively represents and defends his Asian culture, and often speaks out against stereotypes other people have about Asians. Despite being a supporter of LGBT, Yang has stated that he is, in fact, unisexual.

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