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(Essay) Hyundai Tucson HEV – Much more than a new design!



Hyundai is an automobile manufacturer who doesn’t like to sit around idly. Especially when the market is going through such an important development as we are currently experiencing, such as the current global commitment to electrification.

This time, however, we have the new and revised Hyundai Tucson HEV in our hands.

A very interesting SUV that now has a new design, is becoming more modern and actually more visually appealing. In addition to the visual accents, it is a car that can offer a driving experience that is far above average.

In short, we have a model that offers a lot of comfort, performance and a lot of usable space, for an amount of money that doesn’t send anyone into the soup kitchen. But let’s work in parts.

(Essay) Hyundai Tucson HEV – Much more than a new design!


Likes are not controversial, but to be honest, I really liked the big change in the exterior and interior design and everyone who dealt with me during the days of this essay.

In fact, the general opinion of the vast majority of enthusiasts is that in the world of SUVs, Hyundai knows what it is doing in many ways, but particularly in terms of design. We almost always have beautiful, sturdy cars and lines that, although not exaggerated, always convey a “sexy” idea of ​​the car. It is even possible to find some attention to detail as the detail of the Hyundai brand symbol is the same color as the grille. (It cannot be denied that in an increasingly equitable automotive world … it is the details that gradually conquer us.)

As you may have noticed by now, we have big changes that have turned the Tucson into a more modern SUV without revolutionizing the original recipe, which had a lot of good things in itself.

However, in addition to the front, we also have a side with new lines and a rear that is closely based on the sportier theme of this design. But the interior also received changes, whereby the inclusion of better materials is always welcome.


When touched, we have the feeling of soft and high-quality materials almost everywhere. Even the screens that come with it are of high quality and blend in well with the new interior design of the car.

It is precisely because of these “touches” that we have a premium feeling every time we step into this Tucson. But despite the great look, the The use of “piano black” plastic makes it easier for you to see accumulations of dust and dirt.

However, the center console offers good storage space and we have the always welcome wireless charger that can accommodate any cell phone! Here we also have the electric handbrake and the buttons needed to drive the car.

A less positive detail to highlight in this interior is that The air conditioning system is controlled via touch buttons. Which actually work well, but should be eradicated from the automotive world as quickly as possible.

Performance and driving

The Hyundai Tucson has interesting engines and in our test we had the pleasure of testing the most powerful of them all (currently). We are talking about the variant Hybrid HEVwhere do we have a 1.6 turbo engine Gasoline supported by a Electric motor with up to 60 hp.

Hence, this combined engine is capable of 230 HP power and 350 Nm torque, sent to the front axle. In short, the service is there! To guarantee with the brand 8 seconds from 0-100 km / h is Top speed of 200km / h. Numbers interesting in themselves, but they are complete nonsense. In our tests, Tucson managed from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.3 seconds.

To achieve this result, simply enter Sport Mode and manually shift into first gear. (It’s just that the car prefers the second to start off, likely to lessen the aggressiveness of acceleration.)

Despite the performance, we don’t have an SUV for dynamic driving fans here, and it doesn’t have to be. Eventually, you’ll find that the six-speed automatic doesn’t have the best responsiveness ever. However, the instantaneous torque of the electric motor helps at any time and in the end always gives you goose bumps and a great driving experience.

So we can confirm that the biggest goal here is the premium feel, comfort and practicality of the model.


Despite its large dimensions, the new Hyundai Tucson HEV guarantees driving quality. In the test, the driving experience is always fluid and even the interior of the cabin is silent.

Indeed, despite its size and weight, City trips are easily possible thanks to the enormous support of the 60 HP electric motor. In addition, its height to the ground allows you to negotiate any sidewalk or obstacle that you encounter on the street.

Interestingly, we have “Descent control”, a feature that has been well tested and works as promised. Because even on steep gravel descents you don’t have to pedal and the car ensures a lot of safety.

In fact, in my opinion, Hill Descent Control can in some cases control the car better than the driver because of the greater control of the brakes on each wheel. In addition, even off-road driving is carried out without additional vibrations, which means that all the comfort of the car is retained.

To end the running part, new Hyundai Tucson also ensures good rotation angle. In other words, while dynamics is not its strong point, the car does very well in corners.


As for consumption

First of all, you know that the model was driven more dynamically during the test days. After all, we have a “novelty” in hand here. Hence, it is almost our mission to test your true skills in the most demanding of environments. In other words, whether we like it or not, we always pull a little more than we would normally do in everyday life.

Therefore, we are not far from the manufacturer’s specifications, with the average values ​​between the 5-7 liters every 100km.


Technological driving aids are always welcome, especially if they guarantee more safety. In this way, as with other models of the brand, we have several supports, like a system of Autonomous emergency braking it even recognizes pedestrians.

We also have one Lane keeping system. Something that keeps the car centered on the road and not just “swings” constantly from line to line, as is the case with other vehicles.

In short, this is like having an ally in the driving experience who may not always be necessary, but knowing that it is there offers further comfort and ease, whether you are a “racing driver” or a ” Soccer mom “are. In addition, of course, we have that Android Auto and Apple CarPlay which work great on the 10.25-inch infotainment screen.

Hyundai Tucson HEV – conclusion

Well, the Hyundai Tucson HEV is an SUV that will easily meet the needs of the most discerning enthusiast. After all, we have a lot of technology at our disposal, with a renewed design, a full LED front, 19 wheels as a basis and a lot of power.

That way I had the feeling that we don’t have a lot of commitments here and that the quality is good, always away from hard plastics. It should be noted, however, that this variant in question is a class 2 car (class 1 only with ViaVerde), which in turn can make traveling on the motorway a bit more expensive.

Nevertheless, you have a large selection here at an attractive price, especially when you consider your competitors who are already on the market. After all, the price in the hybrid version starts at 39,155 euros. It is important to note that this includes a 7-year unlimited mileage guarantee and an 8-year guarantee for the high-voltage battery.

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Galaxy S22 Ultra relies on “water drop” cameras




Despite all the rumors that point to a delay, it looks like it won’t be long before Samsung announces its new Galaxy S22 range of smartphones! That range, which of course will have the flagship, is the new S22 Ultra.

Well, we are about 3 months away from the official launch, but today we already have access to some renders that show us a lot of what Samsung has developed in its laboratories. Especially in the area of ​​rear-view cameras.

Galaxy S22 Ultra relies on “water drop” cameras

So in the S22 Ultra space, we’ve had some design conflicts, with some experts pointing to one side while others pointing to an entirely different side.

But … it is very likely that this is the way. At least according to Super Roader, a well-known South Korean source in the smartphone world.

In short, Samsung wants water drop cameras on its S22 Ultra. Interestingly, this all seems to pay homage to LG Velvet.

This means we won’t have an “island” of cameras as usual, as Samsung prefers a more similar design to that already used in the Galaxy A range of smartphones.

Obviously, the cameras of the S22 Ultra will stand out more due to the size of the sensor and optics used. After all, smartphones like the A32 do not have lenses designed for zoom, while the S22 Ultra will have two telecameras with 3x and 10x optical zoom.

As already mentioned, the waterdrop design reminds us of the very curious LG Velvet. A smartphone that tried to differentiate itself from anything we could find on the shelves. An excellent idea! With LG pulling out of this market, Samsung can use its disappearance to differentiate itself from other brands.

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Matrix: Morpheus won’t return because he died in a game!




If you’ve reached your expectations of seeing Matrix Ressurections, you’ve probably seen the trailer a couple of times already! Once a year the saga was in theaters without grace. This trailer shows the return of Keanu Reeves (Neo) and Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity), but leaves out Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus).

This is where you’re probably thinking that the actor turned down the role, or that the project team thought she was too old or out of shape to get back into the saga. But the reason is a lot simpler and actually a lot more silly. Morpheus is dead in the Matrix universe!

Morpheus is not returning to the Matrix because he died in an unknown game

So we have known since 2019 that Morpheus would not be back. But of course there is always a glimmer of hope in the hearts of real fans. And indeed, seeing a Matrix without that character turns out to be an incomplete experience for all the potential that return brings to the table.

But let’s get down to business … What do you mean?

Well, the actor had to answer that question himself and said:

  • “I’m not in the new film. You have to ask Lana Wachowski why! I have no answer to that question. “

This gives the impression that the actor wasn’t even addressed. Do you know why? Morpheus died in an almost unknown game called Matrix Online.

Matrix Online is an MMO spin-off that was released back in 2005. Interestingly, this game had the big goal of continuing to tell the story of this legendary saga.

Well, during the game that takes place after the events of The Matrix Revolutions, Morpheus returns to the Matrix to speak to the Oracle. To be clear, you understand why Neo’s body was not returned from the machines despite the apparent truce between the two parties.

Frustrated by the events, Morpheus tries to virtually restore Neo in order to somehow revive him. A project that fails and results in the character going straight to the machines to recover the body of “The Chosen One”. A request that is again denied.

After all of this, Morpheus turns into some sort of terrorist who detonates “code bombs” all over the Matrix in an attempt to force the machines to comply with his request. However, this only resulted in the appearance of “Assassin,” a machine-created program to eradicate Morpheus from the face of the earth.

In short, the new Matrix is ​​a sequel to the original saga, and since the game is “Cannons” there is no Morpheus for anyone.

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Apple will also be releasing a new MacBook Air … With Notch!




In case you didn’t know, according to several recent leaks, the MacBook Pro 2021, which was to be announced later today, is going to have an entirely new design that requires us to insert a “notch” that is very similar to what we can do can be found in Apple iPhone smartphones.

Well, this “notch” will not only reach the “Pro” models! It will also be included in the new MacBook ‘Air’ 2022.

Apple will also be releasing a new MacBook Air … With Notch!

Shortly after accessing the Internet, it appears to be a disassembled MacBook Pro 2021 with a “notch” integrated into the screen. See, we now have new rumors suggesting that the MacBook Air 2022 has the exact same glitch on the screen. Incidentally, that should be the biggest change in the design of the popular Air, at least at first glance.

If you forget about the “notch”, everything indicates that the MacBook Air will have some small changes that could improve the look of the whole package. Brings it closer to the new Pro model.

However, “Notch” doesn’t offer the same functionality that we find on the iPhone. In other words, forget about Face ID. The module has an FHD camera, a TrueTone sensor and a microphone. Only and only that! There is no face recognition for anyone. Ah … and the size of the “notch” is the old, not the current size of the iPhone 13.

With the manufacturing crisis already reaching Apple’s production lines, the new MacBook Air is not expected to hit the market until late next year, with mass production starting sometime in the third quarter. In other words, if you happen to have a new generation MacBook in 2021 or 2022, you will most likely have to go for the “Pro” … When there is stock.


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