Escarrer and Valtònyc

The European guidelines for the management of next generation funds (decarbonisation, digitalisation, reindustrialisation, diversification) go in the opposite direction to the inertia of the Balearic economy. In other words, the European Union says no to tourism monoculture, mass tourism and tourism as a consumption of territory and natural resources; he says no, in short, to entrepreneurs like Gabriel Escarrer and to companies or groups of companies like Melià Hotels. The Balearic Model represents the past, and Escarrer and Melià Hotels represent the Balearic Model better than any other. If they can boast of one thing in Can Escarrer, it is that they are the originators of the mass and cataclysmic tourism symbolized by Magaluf, which they are now trying to gloss over and disguise by renovating hotels. The result is four-star superior or five-star establishments surrounded by prostitution, drugs and gambling. Like someone who comes out of the sewer and tries to cover up the stench by spraying himself with an expensive perfume.

For all of this, I have a little more enthusiasm in praise of the hotelier Gabriel Escarrer on the occasion of the publication of his lavish memoir book entitled. found My life because Mr. Gabriel is too modest and must have thought he shouldn’t have given it a title My (alleged) tax evasionso as not to appear arrogant. It is true that the Mallorcan press these days is filled with drooling and ridiculous articles that vied with each other to give this porrerenc the most eye-catching treat, to see if they put it in a good mood and invite you to lunch one day . But still I found a little more energy in my knees, more exaggerated grimaces, more empty eyes at the size of a person who has inflated himself at the expense of contempt and degradation for the common good to make simple doppelgangers. Most Mallorcans admire this (what makes one rich in front of others) to the point of devotion and call it “come alive” in this way. It is precisely the vibrancy that condemns us to a country (a community, a piece of land, say what you want) to be corrupt and backward, despite all the twists and turns. The hardworking flatterers of Mr. Gabriel should reflect on the words of the hotelier when he says: “I sweated blood to come here”, a nice metaphor that does not clear the blood of the person concerned. Perhaps it refers to the one that runs through the veins of workers, especially in the many countries with lax legislation on both labor and tax matters that large hotel chains tend to expand into.

I did not perceive that much enthusiasm for the latest news from the Valtònyc case, and that is very important: no more, no less, a European country like Belgium has decided to remove a crime of insult from its legal system. against the king because his judiciary understands that this violates freedom of expression and thus against democracy and the rule of law. It is the crime for which the Spanish judiciary (which sentenced Valtònyc to three and a half years in prison for the lyrics of his songs) is demanding the extradition of the rapper. In other words, a European democracy decides to remove a crime from its penal code because it is undemocratic, while in Spain – “full democracy” according to its leaders – the same crime is being used with the greatest severity against innocent citizens for prosecution his political decisions (and the argument that Valtònyc is a bad and bad-tasting musician is not worth it: we hear bad music and bad taste on the balcony every day, and he is not persecuted by the law). In the meantime, the (alleged) tax evaders are writing memoirs and receiving applause and applause, also from the rulers and institutions. We are definitely on the right track.

Sebastià Alzamora is a writer

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