Escape pictures and show the new Windows Defender!

Windows 11 has arrived with several new features. However, the changes not only affect the operating system itself, but also some important applications. One of the most recent examples is the new Windows Defender. The built-in antivirus will be updated soon with a more attractive design and possibly new features. By the way, pictures are even circulating on the Internet.

Escape pictures and show the new Windows Defender!

This week, a Twitter user identified as WalkingCat shared a Microsoft Store access link to Windows Defender Preview who stated that the new app can also run on Windows 10 as long as it is build 19041.0 or higher. Although the program is available in the store, a notice will appear informing you that our account is not authorized to use it. In any case, it was possible to see some pictures.

defend new windows

defend new windows defend new windows

In fact, Microsoft wants to bring out a new version that can really captivate users. That’s why you rely on personalized protection that is easy to use at the same time.

At a time when attacks are not stopping to intensify, anything that can guarantee our security is undoubtedly welcome.

For example, ransomware is a problem that is getting more serious every day. That is why governments are focusing on this problem and how best to address it. While all platforms are at risk, there is one that stands out and isn’t small. I’m specifically talking about Windows, which seems to have the ability to attract ransomware. This is because it is the most widely used operating system that criminals target most often.

If you look at the ransomware files that VirusTotal analyzed in October 2021, 95% of them are intended for Windows PCs. Then 2% go after the Android operating system.

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