Error enables the campaign to be played in the local cooperative

The players of Halo infinite they always find ways leak, find hidden game modes and take advantage of all the little flaws in it. Recently a player and youtuber known as Nobleactual was able to activate the campaign mode in the local cooperative, something that is not yet officially available in Halo infinite.

Everything is due to an error (or ‘Glitch‘) that this person could take advantage of. The result can be seen below:

As this is not official, the implementation of the cooperative in the campaign of Halo infinite brings some problems for both players. You don’t have the HUD available (which won’t be a problem for skull lovers), but the forward operating bases and the story itself don’t work properly. It can be played around a bit, however.

How did this player manage to run the cooperative in. to activate? Halo infinite?

After testing, several users reported that playing local co-op was a lot of fun, the method breaks all backup files from the console. Hence, it is not recommended to replicate it, especially when the story has advanced. If one of the players dies, everything will crash and you will have to go back to the home screen.

If you still want to give it a try (though NO recommended), first change the status of the game to “Disconnected”. A campaign must then be started with the first inspection. Once that’s done, you need to take a break, go back and enter the device with the second control. With this, There is a possibility that both players can enter a single console.

Via: Kotaku

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