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Eric D. Thomas was born on September 3, 1970 in Chicago, Illinois, USA and is perhaps best known as a motivational speaker and author, whose speeches are also available on the social media platform YouTube.

How rich is Eric Thomas at the end of 2017? According to authoritative sources, this motivational speaker has over $ 2 million net worth accumulated from his career in the aforementioned areas. Some of his income comes from his YouTube as he gets paid every time an ad is shown on one of his videos.


Eric Thomas net worth of $ 2 million


Although born in Chicago, Eric grew up in Detroit, Michigan. As for his education, Eric dropped out of high school and was homeless for a period. However, he rose above all his problems when he met a preacher who persuaded him to quit his education and later change the lives of others and inspire them with his speeches and lectures. Thompson then enrolled at Oakwood University in Huntsville, where he received his bachelor’s degree in 2001 after 12 years of study. During this time he also got to know his future wife.

Eric wasted no time, and during his studies he preached and was involved in humanitarian work. Nonetheless, he studied hard, graduating from Michigan State University with a Masters in 2005, and also earned his Ph.D. there, on May 8, 2015. He later devoted himself to preaching and motivational speeches and also founded a company that offers various forms of advice, including educational and sports advice. In the same way, his speeches motivated athletes and other athletes, including world-famous basketball player LeBron James, who recognizes Eric for his motivation to win the 2012 NBA championship. Thompson then made audio recordings for ESPN’s Major League Baseball (MLB) and National Football League (NFL) commercials, and later appeared on Fox News, one of the world’s most popular news networks. His sermons can be heard on Intro, Disclosure’s track, and other tracks. He has worked with well-known brands such as FedEx, New Balance and Jordan and spends a lot of time visiting universities and giving motivational speeches to students.

Thompson also has a podcast that has had 96 episodes so far, with the latest, The Consistency Hack.

When he spoke on Eric’s YouTube channel, he opened it in 2008 and used these media to get his message across. The aforementioned channel has more than 660,000 subscribers today and some of its videos have been watched by millions of people.

Eric is also widely known as the author who wrote three motivational books. His debut book was “The Secret to Success” which was published in 2012 and he published “Greatness Is Upon You: Laying the Foundation” in 2014. His most recent book was written in 2016 and is entitled “Average Phenomenal Will”.

As for Eric’s personal life, he is married to De-De Mosley, whom he met at the Detroit Center’s Seventh-day Adventist Church; The couple married when they were still college students and today they have one child. Eric is active on social media such as Facebook, where he is followed by more than 750,000 people. He is also known as a hip hop preacher.

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