Epic Games takes over Harmonix, the makers of Rock Band and Fuser

Best known for the franchise Rock band, one of the main representatives of the “boom” in music games in the first decade of the new millennium together with Guitar hero, Harmonix hasn’t been much to talk about in the past few years. Even before the release of Fuser unit (2020) – their latest music game that allows gamers to become DJs – the studio has held back while continuing to support several of their titles.

However, thanks to Epic Games, the Boston-based developer is back at the top of the news. This is because the game industry giant has taken over Harmonix.

What will Harmonix do after being acquired by Epic Games?

Harmonix Epic Games Fortnite rock band rivals
The Harmonix acquisition will primarily benefit Fourteen days. Still games like Rock band rivals and Fuser unit continue to receive events and content.

For music game lovers, there is bad news: Epic Games’ acquisition of Harmonix does not involve developing a new one Rock band or a new intellectual property. Rather, Harmonix will focus on creating musical experiences for Fourteen days. Specific details on the latter are currently not known.

“Harmonix has always strived to create the most popular interactive music experiences. Our partnership with Epic will allow us to do this on a much larger scale. Together we will push the boundaries of what is possible and find new ways for our players to create, perform and share music. “

Alex Rigopulos, Co-Founder and President of Harmonix

How will Harmonix games be affected?

Fortunately, Harmonix Games as a Service will not be affected by the Epic Games acquisition. So much Rock band rivals What Fuser unit continue to receive events and new content. Likewise, all games in the studio remain in digital stores.

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